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Passaic Valley Regional High SchoolPassaic Valley Regional High School

Dr. Viktor Joganow, Superintendent
The mission of Passaic Valley Regional High School is to prepare students to take their places as responsible citizens in a democracy by helping them to think clearly, communicate effectively, prepare for a career, and appreciate our cultural heritage within a setting which recognizes the dignity and worth of the individual.
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The regional district which is served by Passaic Valley High School is comprised of the communities of Little Falls, Totowa Borough and Woodland Park. The total population according to the 1991 census was 32,453 with approximately equal distribution of the three districts. The district lies just west of the city of Paterson and is only 15 miles from the city of New York. The citizenry is composed of professionals, businessmen, technicians, skilled draftsmen, and laborers. Some work locally, and some commute daily to New York City and the surrounding communities.

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