Career and Technical Education

  • Web Design Research Assistants
    Web Design Research Assistants have developed Websites for the Passaic Valley community. They provided their services to the Totowa Historical Society, Contemporary Issues Through Videoconferencing Course, and are developing an online store for Passaic Valley’s “Hornet’s Nest” online store.

    Computer Programming Research Assistants
    Computer Programming Research Assistants are engaged in developing mobile applications. They are actively researching various programming languages and development environments to produce both Android and Apple Applications.

    Robotics classes are always competing with each other in a friendly and cooperative environment. They challenge each other to determine whose robot is the fastest, the strongest, the most agile and manipulative, and the most artificially intelligent. The Passaic Valley Robotics team has competed in several robotics competitions including the FIRST Robotic Competitions and the North Jersey Robotics Competition.

    International Business Practice
    An elective that is a collaboration with Bromilow's Chocolates of Woodland Park and Fairleigh Dickinson University in simulating the creation of a business firm. Students interview for positions in the "company" and then serve in the purchasing, marketing, accounting or human resources department as they fully operate a virtual business in the international marketplace.

    Media and Broadcast Journalism
    The original works produced by the Media and Broadcast Journalism classes are entered annually into various film contests. Many productions are recognized for their excellence by groups such as MSG Varsity, the Passaic County Film Festival, and the New Jersey Young Film Makers Festival. Please visit the PVTV Awards link to view past winners.

    Financial Literacy Grades 9-12
    Become financially literate before you graduate PV. Take this one semester course in Personal Finance and Economics. You will take an active part in learning about income, careers, money management, credit and debt management, planning, saving, and investing. Become a critical consumer. Learn civic financial responsibility, risk management and insurance. Develop the skills to be financially sound the rest of your life by taking this course now…it will provide a lifetime of dividends!   This course is taught using an online interactive software program called TimeMaps Money Management and Life Skills.  Students can monitor their progress through many interactive examples and online practice quizzes and tests.  The instructor guides them through the lessons, business simulations, give them additional practice, reinforcement activities and projects using other programs such excel to prepare personal budgets and reports.

    Business Law Grades 10-12
    Law constantly touches people in their daily lives. Personal law arises from life’s experiences – from buying a hamburger in a fast food restaurant to getting married; from driving a car to getting a job; from cashing a check to renting an apartment. Lay people (non-lawyers) should be introduced to business law (sometimes called street or practical law) because it is law that will be of use to them personally. It is the law that plays a vital, active part in their daily lives. Students enrolled in Business Law have the opportunity to visit a local municipal court to experience traffic court and/or small claims cases.  Students prepare legal documents such as contracts and business agreements, participate in Mock Trials and experience first-hand court proceedings. Students explore law and law-related fields as possible careers meeting with several guest speakers from colleges.

    Sports, Entertainment & Fashion Marketing Grades 10-12
    This course is a step-by-step exploration of the world of sports, entertainment and fashion marketing. Students will learn about the key functions of marketing and how those functions are applied to the sports, entertainment and fashion industries. The course will give special consideration to the elements of the marketing mix and 7 key marketing functions. Students will explore the importance of target markets while considering the strategies of sports, entertainment and fashion marketing. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of market segmentation in all three industries as well as the growing trend of corporate sponsorship, investments and product endorsements. Students enjoy a field trip to a sports or fashion related business. 

    Home Economics
    To nurture the creativity of individual students and provide showcase for individual skills, our department conducts annual “PV Top Chef” competition during the month of April. Competition is very similar to the one on Bravo network, where competitors receive secret ingredients and must cook a meal within specified time frame. The contest raises standards of culinary excellence in our school as well as promotes camaraderie.