Special Education Highlights and Special Programs

  • Passaic Valley Regional High School Co Teaching Model

    • Students are afforded ‘equal access’ to the general education curriculum and are educated with their non-disabled peers
    • Students have the opportunity to work with one or both general education teacher and special education teacher
    • Research states that more time in general education increases standardized test scores in math and reading, fewer absences, fewer disruptive referrals and better outcomes in employment and independent living.
    • Curriculum standards modified where needed and supplementary assistance provided.

    Mainstreamed Classes 

    • Students can be placed in a single content classroom of up to 12 classified students (16 with an aide) taught by a general education content specialist where the content is adjusted and modified to the class needs, as stated by Special Education code 4:7 (g)
    • Students can be placed in any general education classes as appropriate

    Reading Classes and Reading Remediation

    • The course Literature Connections will service reading issues.
    • The above will be split into two tiers. The first tier will be a mixed class of students with disabilities and general education students. The second tier will be just for students with disabilities.
    • The classes will meet 5x a week and students can get credit for the course as an elective.

    PV/Bergen ABA Program

    • Based on the principles of applied behavior analysis
    • Life Skills
    • Community Based Instruction and Field Trips weekly (Walgreens, ShopRite, Local Laundromat, etc.)
    • Peer Participation Program (General Education students volunteer to work with students, socialize with them in Teen Center, Art Class, Physical Education Class, Culinary Class)

    Multiple Disabilities Class

    • Expanded Life Skills in all of the curriculum
    • Field Trips weekly

    Work Study Program