In 1988, Mr. Don Ruccia, a social studies teacher at Passaic Valley was approached about a job to start a television program. The program started off in a classroom. At first Mr. Ruccia taught history classes as well as television classes. In the first few years of PVTV we would shoot video and have it aired on the Cedar Grove cable access channel. A few years later Mr. Ruccia was able to strike a deal with Cablevision to bring Passaic Valley its own television station.

    In the summer of 1994, PVTV expanded to a three room operation with a new television studio. The new studio has enabled television production classes to shoot original programs at the school and air them on the station. Over the years PVTV has grown from a one-room operation to a big three-room operation which is well-known throughout the towns.

    PVTV Studios

    In 1998 Mr. Jim Hansen came aboard PVTV as another supervisor to the television station and became primary instructor and advisor when Mr. Ruccia retired in 2002. He was then joined by Mrs. Stephanie Roberts, who is still an instructor in the program. In 2008, Ms. Cali Macchia joined Mrs. Roberts as the second instructor. 

    Throughout the next 3 years, the entire editing room would be converted to Mac and the students began using new editing software, Final Cut Pro. That same year saw Passaic Valley Television again evolve in large leaps and bounds. A creative and driven senior class developed a completely different Girls' Show broadcast, and with enthusiastic underclassmen, added a thirty-minute pre-show to the broadcast. This unprecedented, super interactive, and innovative broadcast would go on to be the most important event on the PVTV calendar. The DVD edition brought together new editing software, interactive menus, and new features.


    In 2009, through a partnership with MSG Varsity, the PVTV program had its first regional exposure. Ryan Baker was selected for the Scholastic Spotlight and featured on A Quick 60. The President and Vice President of the TV Productions club were featured on an interview during a MSG Varsity broadcast. And because of a winning contest submission, three students won five thousand dollars for the program. That year the Football Commentary team broadcast the state championship game from the press level of Giants Stadium.

    Shows produced by PVTV include Girls' Show, Valley Views, National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, Senior Awards Assembly, community as well as high school commencement exercises, Sports, Inside PV, Guidance Update and Concerts.


     PVTV: Channel 77 on cable, 22 on Fios