Montclair State University

    Program Details: Students who have accelerated through the entire sequence of math courses at Passaic Valley (AP Calculus) will be granted the opportunity to apply for Montclair’s Early College Program. Interested students can find specific application requirements on the MSU Early College Program website.

    Scheduling: Before enrolling in courses, accepted students must take a math placement test at MSU to ensure all prerequisite material has been mastered. Student schedules may be adjusted when necessary to allow for students to attend a scheduled class (ie: students attending a 2:20 class at MSU will be granted an 8th period early release).

    Cost: Accepted students will have the ability to take college level courses for a fraction of the cost of traditional college courses. These advanced courses have been approved by the Board of Education and as a result a small scholarship may be available to help defray the cost of tuition. For planning purposes- the estimated cost is $278.30 per credit and most courses range from three (3) to four (4) credits.

    Alternate Placements: Students who choose to take advanced courses outside of this program will take full responsibility for the associated cost.