• Students will not be given the opportunity to select teachers, time periods for courses, or lunch period. Time periods for courses and lunches are automatically determined.
    • To remain on track for graduation and sports eligibility, students must maintain a yearly course load of a minimum of 30-35 credits.
    • Credits will be awarded only for courses that have been completed. Partial credit will not be granted.
    • Making course requests requires careful consideration of the many options located in the course guide. It is important to note that the number of course requests will determine whether a course is in fact offered as part of the high school master schedule. Every year, certain courses must be dropped from the master schedule due to lack of enrollment. IT MUST BE NOTED THAT COURSE REQUESTS DO NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT IN A PARTICULAR COURSE. Scheduling conflicts may occur when students request courses that have few sections.
    • The administration reserves the right to schedule courses required for graduation based upon standardized testing results and need for remediation.

    Scheduling Timeline & Windows For Change

    January 2019

    Teacher portal opens for teachers to make placement recommendations

    Counselors send out scheduling forms and process overview

    February 1st

    Deadline for recommendations to be approved by administration


    Counselor Individual Course Selection Meetings- Requests are viewable through the portal


    Course requests tallied/ Begin building Master

    April 12-26, 2019

    Window for teachers to revise recommendations. Teachers must discuss with the student and parent before submitting the change to guidance

    May 31, 2019

    Window 1 for course request changes closes

    Last week of School

    Counselors notify students schedules have been released in the portal (just courses received- no periods)

    August 16, 2019

    Full schedules released in the portal

    August 16-30, 2019

    Window 2 for course request changes opens- forms available on website and in guidance

    September 1-10, 2019

    No schedule changes requests will be accepted or permitted once September begins unless there is an error in a core subject. STUDENTS MUST REMAIN IN COURSES FOR THE FIRST FIVE DAYS OF SCHOOL

    September 11- 18, 2019

    Window 3 for course request changes- forms available on website and in guidance

    September 18, 2019

    Deadline for a student to enter a new course and drop a course without penalty or record. Exception: teacher-initiated level changes

    September 19, 2019 – End of Quarter 1

    A student dropping a course will receive a WP or WF (withdraw pass or fail) depending on course average at time of the drop