• In 2012, PV began researching and planning for an on site 2015-2016 ABA Program. Child Study Teams, Directors of Special Services, Behaviorists and other personnel from Little Falls, Woodland Park and Totowa were consulted. Bergen County Special Services was recommended as one of the leading experts in the field of autism, and collaborative preparations with them commenced.
    The above team efforts along with the PV Buildings and Grounds staff resulted in a state of the art classroom equipped with office, bathrooms, smartboard, iPads, kitchen appliances and an exercise area.
    The PV/ABA classrooms offer a comprehensive program designed to meet the academic, social, behavioral, and vocational needs for high school students who have special needs. The program is highly individualized and based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
    We currently house 40 students within the PV district as well as other sending districts. The program offers a peer participation program involving students in the general education population, internship opportunities, daily electives.
    Community Based Instruction (CBI) due to Covid 19 will be accessed best we can utilizing job coaches, etc. within the school until further guidance is provided by state and federal agencies.