• Academic Team - Advisor: Ms. Kathleen Menake - The Academic Team is for students who seek an intellectual challenge, personal growth, and the benefits of team membership. Students participate in intramural competitions throughout the school year and they can participate in state competitions

    Art Club - Advisor: Ms. Corine Czepiel - Students will develop a variety of knowledge in the Arts including learning about particular art styles, different artists, a particular art work, different mediums and techniques. Students will contribute their artistic ability to help develop artwork throughout the school district.

    Audio Visual Club- Advisor: Mr. Randall Rossilli and Mr. Al Cappello

    Cheering Advisor Fall - Advisor: Ms. Jamie Peters - Asst: Ms. Lori Quail & Mrs. Ashley Francis

    Class Advisors - Class of 2019 - Mrs. Michele Miskovich, Ms. Rosalinda Mulchahy

    Class Advisors - Class of 2020 - Mrs. Suzanne Benvenuti, Mrs. Rachel Briggs

    Class Advisors - Class of 2021 - Ms. Jamie Peters, Mr. Kevin Haimowitz

    Class Advisors - Class of 2022 - Mrs. Cheryl Joseph, Mr. Joseph Feinstein

    Criminal Justice Club- Advisor: Mrs. Rachel Briggs - This club will offer guidance to students interested in pursuing a law enforcement career by encouraging and supplying pragmatic information from professionals.

    Culinary Club - Advisor: Mrs. Zuzana Geleta

    Drama Club - Advisor: Ms. Jenn Shue - The Drama Club is involved with each PV play (fall, holiday, variety show and senior play-it's not just for seniors). Besides PV productions, this group often goes to see Broadway and Off Broadway plays and also participates in Drama Competitions. www.pvtheater.com

    Environmental Club - Advisors: Mr. Bill Goodman and Mr. Randall Sanders

    French Club - Advisor: Mr. Piro Ceruna For Mesdames et Messieurs who have an interest in French customs and language.

    Future Business Leaders - Advisor: Mr. Joe Autieri and Mrs. Linda Odgers - FBLA is national organization or high school students interested in careers in business. Students attend Leadership Conferences, Regional Competitive Events, and the Consumer Bowl. In these events students compete against other student form North Jersey in academic areas pertaining to business. The School Store is also an important feature of the club. Students are able to demonstrate their business skills such as advertising, sales, inventory, etc.

    Future Engineers - Advisor: Mr. Kevin Haimowitz

    Future Health Care Professionals - Advisor: Dr. Susanne Iobst - Students will explore the world of medicine through the eyes of health care professionals.

    Future Lawyers - TBA

    Future Teachers - Advisor: Dr. Susanne Iobst

    Girls Show - Director: Mrs. Kathleen Dellanno - Asst. Directors: Ms. Jamie Peters, Mrs. Suzanne Benvenuti & Mrs. Amy Pellegrini


  • G.S.A. Genders & Sexualities Alliance - Advisor: Mrs. Melanie Vasa - We aim to raise awareness of different sexual and gender identities, link homophobia with other oppressions and advocate for equal treatment for youth of all orientations, thus creating a school environment free of homophobic, sexual, verbal and physical harassment. We also aim to provide a safe haven for lgbtqs youth – including those with family members who are gay - to talk and be listened to without any fear of harassment or repercussions. By using one-on-one or group discussion, we hope to create a safe place to offer support, resources and alternative outlets for emotions and thoughts.

    Interact Club - Advisor: Mrs. Daria Leidig

    Italian Club - Advisor: Mrs. Rosanna Napolitano - This group loves to chat about Italian culture and customs but most of all they love to eat Italian specialties.

    Jazz Ensemble - Advisor: Mr. Michael Deluccia

    Literary Club - Advisor: Mrs. Megan Miele, Ms. Mary Garofalo

    Marching Band Director - Mr. Michael Deluccia

    Marching Band Color Guard - Mrs. Erin Colgan

    Math League - Advisor: Ms. Lori Quail

    National Art Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Carrie Ingraham

    National Honor Society - Advisor: Mrs. Kathleen Dellanno

    Passaic Valley Honor Society - Advisor: Dr. Susanne Iobst

    Peer Mentoring - Advisor: Mrs. Kelly Morris, Mrs. Danielle Vigilante

    Physics Club - Advisor: Mrs. Elena Shtraks

    Spanish Club - Advisor: Mrs. AnnaMaria Dolce - This group loves everything Spanish-the customs, food, language, everything. OLE!

    Science League - Advisor: Mr. Ed Iobst

    Student Government - Advisor: Mrs. Cheryl Grande

    Technology Interns / Computer Club - Advisor: Mr. Anthony Meluso

    TV Productions - Advisors: Mr. Randall Rosilli and Mr. Al Cappello - This group is responsible for the ever popular P.V.T.V. It creates original shows, telecasts school activities, and provides an on-air voice to the region, while teaching students the basics of T.V. production.

    Varsity Club - Advisor: Mrs. Lynn Trautz - This group consists of students who hold Varsity positions on PV sports teams. They are involved with the refreshment stand at home football games, sports scholarships and donations, etc.

    Vocal Ensemble - Advisor: Ms. Pia Vanderstreet

    World Language Honor Society - Advisor: Mrs. Maria Papaleo

    Yearbook - Advisor: Mrs. Darcy Hall