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    Rob Carcich, Supervisor of Athletics, PE and Health

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     Passaic Valley Athletic Department Philosophy

    Athletics at Passaic Valley are an outgrowth of the educational process. We take great pride in the efforts of our athletes, the leadership of our coaches and the support of our fans.  Our philosophy is to involve as many students as possible in our interscholastic athletic programs with the belief that interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the total educational program. Participation in athletics helps to advance the emotional, social, moral and physical growth of the student-athletes. As the students become involved in the athletic program at Passaic Valley we will attempt to ensure that their experiences are among the most rewarding and positive that they have during their high school years while helping to prepare them for the challenges of life beyond high school.

    From the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA)

    Profile of Athletic Administration:

    A beneficial athletic program is one that provides student-athletes the opportunity to experience personal growth and development, both physically and mentally.  Athletic programs should allow athletes the chance to accept personal responsibility for success and failure, and to recognize the limitations and strengths of both.

    It is important for everyone, including staff, students and parents, to realize that participation in an athletic program is not the right of all students. It is a privilege that is afforded to those individuals who possess the ability, attitude, disposition, cooperative spirit and desire to represent their school and community. Athletic programs require higher standards and expectations in the area of academics, citizenship, training, rules and sportsmanship.



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