• The Passaic Valley Drama Club produces 3 shows a year; fall play, holiday show and spring musical. They are also in charge of set build/paint, lighting, costumes, hair and make up. There are many ways to get involved. Please come and join us at any the above events!
    “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” 2017 Cast

    The Grinch…Javier Tovar
    Old Max…Andre Papasavas
    Young Max…Alexander Papasavas
    Cindy Lou Who…Camryn Frey
    JP Who…Kevin Lee
    Mama Who…Mia Preziosi
    Grandpa Seth Who…Mark Huggins
    Grandma Who…Chanelle Garcia
    Annie Who…Michela Speller
    Betty Who…Ashley Povolo
    Danny Who…Evan Sanchez
    Boo Who…Trinity Hines

    Citizens of Whoville:

    Little Who Dancers:

    Lorena Osta

    Brianna Getzoff

    Sarah Mitchell

    Allyah Figueroa

    Alexandra Paese

    Brooke Berrigan

    Nick Iacovo Frank

    Frank Iacovo

    Jeremy Kalokitis

    Daniel Flores

    Zandir B. Timothy

    Miguel Martinez

    Kristina Martir


     First read-thru Monday at 230pm in the auditorium