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Megan Morales Joins the Valley Echo Team

Valley Echo Banner Devyn DiPasquale'21
7 September 2019

As the 2019-20 school year comes into full swing, the Valley Echo welcomes new members to its staff. Megan Morales '20 is a new addition to the Valley Echo team along with eight other students. Megan is looking forward to writing for the Valley Echo and is excited to have the chance to hone her journalism skills.White Dance Medusa 2019; Property of Megan Morales

Megan has just begun her senior year at Passaic Valley and is ready to use this year to prepare for life after high school. She is eager to write for the Valley Echo as she is hoping to continue pursuing journalism in the future. In addition to journalism, Megan is also considering studying psychology. "In this class, I'm most excited to write inspirational stories, but in college I want to write books," explained Megan. 

Megan has many hobbies in addition to her academic goals. She is involved in the extremely popular Girls' Show as a member of White Dance, which she plans on continuing in her final year. Megan enjoys dance and has done hip hop in the past. Additionally, Megan did cheer in seventh, eighth, and ninth grade. 

The Valley Echo is lucky to have a dedicated and talented student like Megan on its staff. Her eager and enthusiastic attitude, as well as her passion for writing, will allow her to excel as a Valley Echo reporter.