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Gabby Gutierrez Becomes Writer for Valley Echo as Sophomore

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Brianna Rodriguez '20
30 September 2019

Along with a new school year comes some new members of Passaic Valley’s Valley Echo Staff. One of these new members is Gabby Gutierrez ‘22. As a student that is incredibly involved in PV sports and activities, Gutierrez will be a dynamic addition to the Valley Echo.Gabby in her cheer uniform

Gabby has been cheering since as young as second grade and is currently the Captain of her cheer team. Along with participating in cheer, Gabby is also the Sophomore Class Historian, member of Girls' Show White Exercise, and a participant in Spanish Club and Interact Club. Although cheerleading is a big part of her high school life, once she attends college she plans on focusing on her education.Gabby in White Exercise from Girls' Show 2019

In college, she is considering studying law and hopefully becoming a lawyer. However, she is also considering writing as a field of study in the future. One of the main reasons she took Journalism was to get more involved with the latest news at Passaic Valley. “I chose to take this class to get more involved with our school, I want to learn more about the daily events at PV and put it into a story,” she explained. 

Gutierrez describes herself as responsible, hardworking, and outgoing. These traits can be a great contribution to her work for the Valley Echo. This coming year will be a great one for the new Valley Echo members and Gabby’s hard work and leadership skills will show that she fits right onto the team.