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Eight Rookies and One Returning Journalist Comprise This Year's Valley Echo Staff

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Valley Echo Staff
13 October 2019

Nine ambitious journalists are prepared to deliver the buzz around the Hornet community to their eager readers as the 2019-20 Valley Echo Staff. Eight new additions and one veteran writer signed up for the Digital Journalism class that produces the Valley Echo last year. Editor-in-Chief Mr. Cornelius Van Ess is excited to see how their work will be received by the community they serve. To learn more about the Valley Echo Staff, click on the links below.


Olivia Manfredo Joins the Valley Echo Team for 2019-20 School Year

Valley Echo Welcomes Senior Kristina Martir

Gabby Gutierrez Becomes Writer for Valley Echo as Sophomore

Megan Morales Joins the Valley Echo Team

Kassidy Fraser Wishes to Share Writing with Valley Echo Audience

Junior Devyn DiPasquale Enters the Echo

Brianna Rodriguez Provides Veteran Presence on Journalism Writing Staff

Arcangelo Iurato Starts His Reporting Career with the Valley Echo

Lulu Mubarak Hopes to Start Her Journey in Media with Journalism