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Valley Echo Welcomes Hailey Raimo with Open Arms

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Derek Pezo '19
24 September 2018

Another school year is in session, that means hundreds of students reluctantly returning to school, anticipating the new experiences they will encounter. But it also brings a new set of young, talented writers for the Valley Echo. Along with eleven other first-time journalists, senior Hailey Raimo is ready to take on the responsibilities of writing for the school paper.

Hailey (back row, fourth from left) as a part of the volleyball team; property of Hailey Raimo Hailey has had a love for writing for most of her life. So, taking Journalism was an easy decision, especially considering how it would look on her transcripts. “Besides the fact that I love to write is that this is an honors course too," Hailey said. "So it was simple for me to take.”

Teachers who have had Hailey before would describe her as hard-working and dedicated student. Hailey isHailey passionately researching dentistry   excited to see how the Journalism course can enlighten her love for writing to a new level.

Aside from writing, Hailey would also like to pursue some such close to her heart in college. “Ever since I got my braces on, dentistry has interested me," Hailey said. "It’s amazing how much I was learning when I wore them, and I found it fascinating how dental care can impact someone's smile so much.”

Hailey’s mother also works in nursing, so she already has basic knowledge of health and how the body works. “I even considered being an orthodontist at one point, which is a lot of schooling," she said. "I don’t mind that, but I’m just more interested about what a dental hygienist does.”

Although it would be nice to dorm, Hailey states that she prefers to be closer to her family.

Hailey has few butterflies about writing for the Echo, but is ultimately excited for the unique opportunity. “I am eager to see what I can find for myself in this class,” she says. “I’m hoping it won't be too pressuring, but my love for writing will be stronger.”