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Fall Blood Drive Exceeds Donations From Previous Year


Valley Echo Banner Raima Islam '21
8 October 2018

Dr. Susanne Iobst, Raisa Islam '19, and Inayah Khan '19 working during the blood drive; photo credit: Raima Islam '21

On Thursday October 4, Passaic Valley High School held its annual Fall Blood Drive in the Old Girls' Gym. The Future Health Professionals Club organized this event with the New York Blood Center. Over one hundred students signed up to donate and eighty-four units (approximately eighty-four pints) of blood were collected.

One of the main goals of this blood drive was to collect more units of blood than last year. "The blood drive was enormously successful because we attained our goal," said Future Health Professionals Club President Inayah Khan'19. "Last year, we got seventy-eight units. This year, we got eighty-three units, which I am very proud of."

Yet, the 83 units is of much deeper significance. "It's unbelievable to think that in the time frame of one school day we managed to save up to two hundred forty-nine lives," added Raisa Islam '19, Vice President of Future Health Professionals. "I am beyond proud of what we've done."

Rosana Tabakci and Inayah Khan '19 during the blood drive; photo credit: Raima Islam '21 Rosana Tabakci, the Account Manager of the New York Blood Center, comes to see the Future Health Professionals Club each fall and spring, working with them to organize this event. She encourages everyone to donate to the cause and emphasizes the importance of volunteering for the blood drives.

"Rosana has been wonderful throughout the years we've worked with her," said Anna Hosri '19, Secretary of Future Health Professionals. "She's passionate about her job and is extremely easy-going, which makes the whole environment a lot more fun to participate in and it’s great because it's for an amazing cause.”

Many students who donate blood are anxious beforehand, but feel incredible after due to the cause. "I was nervous before donating because it was my first time and I am afraid of needles," remarked Khan. "After donating, I felt really great because when you donate, it can save up to three people."

Inayah Khan '19 after donating blood; photo credit: Raima Islam '21

Volunteers also played a significant role in the drive. Over fifty volunteers helped by escorting donors, providing them with food and water, organizing the donors' papers, and directing them on where to go. "We were extremely happy to see the number of people who wanted to help out," said Islam. "Organizing and running a blood drive is not a one-man job, so none of what we do would be possible without our volunteers and the work they put into making the drive a success."

Tabakci and the Future Health Professionals are already anticipating the Spring Blood Drive coming up in 2019. They are driven to get more students to participate in the blood drive and look forward to what is coming up in the future.Volunteers who helped during the blood drive; photo credit: Raima Islam '21

"The real motivation is to get more people to realize how important blood donation is for our community," stated Dr. Susanne Iobst, club advisor for Future Health Professionals. "And so, if we can get people to establish that pattern of donating blood early, and that they do that when they leave Passaic Valley, and they do it throughout their lives, then I think we really have been successful because we reached the ultimate goal.”