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PV Adds Homeroom to New Class Schedule


Valley Echo Banner Grace Rose '19
18 October 2018

Every school year brings some minor changes. However, this year marks a significant alteration to the school-day schedule. A ten-minute homeroom has been added to the beginning of the day and all subsequent periods have been slightly shortened to accommodate.PVTV's Homeroom Selfie; Mr. Randall Rossilli

Each class period was shortened by three minutes to allow for the addition of Homeroom. Each homeroom is organized alphabetically by students' last name and grade level. Now, the final bell rings at two-thirty, which is two minutes earlier than previous years.

Homeroom was created for a variety of reasons, but mainly to provide a specified time in the day for students to receive general information about what is going on within Passaic Valley and receive Hornet news. In previous years, the morning announcements played at the beginning of first period, cutting time away from instruction. Now, PVTV's Good Morning Hornet is a highlight of students' mornings because there is more of a focus on receiving information.

"I feel that Homeroom is a positive addition to the schedule because it allows students the time to really watch and enjoy the morning announcements while giving them important meeting dates, sports scores, and more!" said PVTV's Mariah Domenech '19. "PVTV definitely appreciates Homeroom as well."

The Guidance Department and Administration also benefit from the addition of Homeroom. It allows both departments the ability to effectively share important information to each grade level. The administration also saw that the addition of Homeroom allowed for improvement in keeping accurate attendance records, which get sent to the state, and can help Passaic Valley's rankings.

The arrival of Homeroom started with research. "Many other districts in the area were moving towards a separate homeroom for several reasons. It is a good opportunity for us [Guidance] when we have to deliver scheduling information to the grade-levels," said Mrs. Tara Torres, Director of Student Personnel Services. "We can be more specific in what we are delivering as it is a nice chunk of time in the day."Homeroom 214 decorated for Spirit Week; Grace Rose, '19

Homeroom opens the doors for fun, healthy competition amongst the upper and lower classmen. Mrs. Torres, plans on having exciting incentives to intrigue Homerooms throughout the year. For example, this year's Spirit Week promoted teamwork and creativity in each Homeroom with PV's first door-decorating competition. 

"We are looking towards having a college incentive that will filter through the senior homerooms where the percentage of students who apply to college by a certain date will receive a benefit like a breakfast, or a choice from tons of college-swag," Torres added. "The hope is to utilize the Homeroom to promote healthy competition for different grade levels." 

Much of the Hornet Hive felt that it was hard to adjust to the new bell schedule after being so accustomed to the old one. However, the benefits are becoming clear and school spirit is thriving.