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Spirit Week 2018 Fosters Both Healthy Competition and School Solidarity

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Maryam Ahmed '19
22 October 2018

October 15 through October 19 this year was designated Spirit Week. The Passaic Valley Student Senate and Teen Center arranged a competition between all grade levels to show their school spirit and pride through following themes for each day of the week. The grade who displayed the most pride would win a reward of three hundred dollars towards their class account courtesy of the Teen Center.Dr. Clinton's Homeroom wearing their favorite sports team/jersey; photo credit: Jennan Alkhalaf '19 This year's winners: The Class of 2019.

On Monday, October 15, as students entered the school, the band performed to get everyone excited for the week ahead. “I was very surprised and delighted walking through the doors,” Jessica Lameiras ‘19 said. “They should do this more often.”

Students on this first day of Spirit Week were to wear Passaic Valley apparel. Any doubts that the project would fail were completely quelled as the level of participation exceeded expectation. “I was surprised to see the amount of students who participated on this day,” Student Senate Board of Education Representative, Jennan Alkhalaf ‘19 said.

On Tuesday, October 16th, the Homeroom Door Decorating Competition began, motivating homeroom teachers and students toPVTV Homeroom Doors; photo credit: Maryam Ahmed'19 express their creativity through collaboration. “I thought it went great! My homeroom and I thought we were going to win the contest," said Mrs. Megan Miele, whose Room 202 Homeroom designed their door to incorporate both Halloween and the Stigma Free initiative. "But even though we didn’t, it was an enjoyable week spent with my students.” 

The Homeroom Door Winners were...

9th grade: Room 229, Ms. Jamie Peters

10th grade: Room 216, Mrs. Geraldine Volonnino

11th grade: Room 241, Mrs. Elena Shtraks

12th grade: Room 151, Ms. Carrie Ingraham

A special prize was given to Mr. Randall Rossili’s PVTV crew for being extra creative with their decorations of multiple homeroom doors creating an entire movie theater scene.

Mrs. Miele's Homeroom Door; photo credit: Maryam Ahmed '19 On Tuesday, October 16, students were to wear apparel from their favorite sports team, either Passaic Valley related or professional teams. Students who participated in PV sports supported their teams on this day, while others varied with different basketball, football, and baseball jerseys.

On Wednesday, October 17, students were asked to wear their cultures’ colors or apparel that represented their native country. The Teen Center staff played different music in between class periods to represent the cultures for Diversity Day. This music was played on the loudspeaker to add an enjoyable experience throughout the hallways. Ms. Quail and her AP Calculus students classroom selfie; photo credit: Ms. Lori Quail Teachers were encouraged to take selfies with their classes as well, which were posted on the PV Instagram page.  

Receiving the most likes on their Instagram selfie, the classroom selfie award was handed to Ms. Lori Quail and her third period AP Calculus students. “For a class that is taken seriously, we were able to have a lot of fun that day,” Ms. Quail recalled.

Some students in AP Calculus had a lot to say and thought it was a fun experience as well. “When Ms. Quail told me we were going to replicate a sine graph, I was a bit nervous,” Doha Hamouda ‘19 said. “But I think hands down, we definitely nailed the selfie.”

Ms. Ingraham's Homeroom Door; photo credit: Maryam Ahmed '19 On Thursday, October 18, students were asked to wear bright neon colors or tye dye to school. The Student Senate handed out neon bracelets as the students entered the school as well.

On Friday, October 19, a color war competition between each grade was held. PV staff picked the winning class during that day's Pep Rally. All periods were cut short by six minutes, thus creating a 9th period for the Pep Rally. The class with the best participation overall throughout the week would win three hundred dollars. The senior class took home the cash, which will help to offset cost for prom at the end to the year. “Seeing how every class dressed up in their designated colors, and noticing how the gym looked with the different classes grouped together was my favorite thing,” Jennan said.Ms. Odgers' Homeroom wearing their tie dye/neon shirts; photo credit: Jennan Alkhalaf '19

One Homeroom from each grade will be awarded a breakfast during the week of October 22nd for their participation in Spirit Week. The Homeroom Participation winners for 9th graders was Room 228, 10th graders: Room 216, 11th graders: Room 147, and 12th graders: Room 202-A. Lastly, the special Homeroom participation award was given to PVTV.

“I think having more spirit weeks in the future will definitely cause more school spirit,” Treasurer of the Student Senate, Grace Rose ‘19 said. “It motivates students to participate in different school activities and support others in their games.”