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PV to Take Part in Gelotti's Ceiling Tile Contest

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Isabella Nicosia '19
26 October 2018

Artistic students have been asked to participate in the Gelotti’s Ceiling Tile Contest. The National Art Honors Society, as well as many other members of the student body, are designing tiles to be placed in the newly renovated Gelotti’s building located in the Hillcrest section of Paterson.

Over the summer, the owner of Gelotti’s, Sal Sigona, reached out to Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo asking if Passaic Valley High School would be interested in designing a ceiling tile to be placed in their new storefront.

Two seniors, Megha Mahmood ‘19 and YeonJyu Kitahara ‘19, designed a sports reThis tile is in Gelotti's and was designed by YeonJyu Kitahara '19 and Megha Mahmood '19. photo credit: Ms.Ingraham lated ceiling tile depicting a baseball player swinging a cone-shaped bat and hitting an ice cream scoop ball. The tile also showcases a volleyball player serving a cherry over the net, while a hockey player skates around a puck made of ice cream.    

The endeavor was such a success that Gelotti’s asked PV to decorate four more tiles.

Although a date has not been selected, Ms. Carolyn Ingraham hopes to have four ceiling tiles submitted to the shop soon. Groups of two or three will work together to hand in an image for teachers to later vote on. Ms. Ingraham’s overall hope for this project is to spread school spirit and help out a local business that has been employing PV kids for years.

The students at PV are especially excited to participate. The National Art Honors Society’s Parliamentarian, Dysere Rivera-Maros ‘19, is excited about the design of the tiles and likes the effect it’s having on the community.

Bushra Choudhury ‘19, the National Art Honors Society President, plans to design a Girls' Show themed tile to really show PV pride. “I really hope that this tile contest helps to showcase our talents as a school,” said Choudhury.

No one is more excited than Ms. Ingraham to show our artistic abilities. “This is a great way for students to be motivated in the creative process and work in teams for our community,” she exclaimed.