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Ms. Jennifer Shue Nominated for LifeChanger of the Year Award

Valley Echo Banner Raima Islam '21
12 November 2018

Michelle Bosco, Ms. Jennifer Shue, and Dan Haycook '05 in Campbell Hall; photo courtesy of Ms. Shue On October 15th, Ms. Jennifer Shue received an email saying former student Dan Haycook '05 nominated her for the 2018-19 LifeChanger of the Year award. LifeChanger of the Year is an annual program that recognizes educators and school employees across the country for their impact on students' lives. It is sponsored and run by National Life Group and the National Life Group Foundation.  

In Haycook's emotional nomination essay, he mentioned his struggles regarding family, sexuality, and personal life. Ms. Shue helped him overcome the obstacles he faced. "Ms. Shue was there to help me get back up and pull [my life] back together," stated Haycook. "She was always available to talk when I needed it, and I know that this is the case with every life she has touched."

Shue was incredibly overwhelmed upon reading the essay.   "[The essay] was emotional because I had him a long time ago," said Ms. Shue. "To make an impact on a student's life like that is pretty impressive."

Shue's work at PV explains why she was nominated. She tackles work as a guidance counselor and dedicates a great portion of her time to PV's Theater Program. She is not only a friend and colleague to those who work with her, but is also a role model and family member to the PV community.

Over seventy staff members and students commented under Ms. Shue's nomination post, congratulating her for the prestigious opportunity. "Jenn Shue is a guidance educator who is committed to the students and programs of Passaic Valley Regional High School," Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo wrote. "I am thrilled she was nominated and I know she is worthy of this honor."Ms. Jennifer Shue working in her office; photo credit: Raima Islam '21

Shue's devotion to the Theater Program has impacted many students. Gabby Rose '19 has worked with Shue on several musicals and plays. "I was surprised because I think she should've been nominated sooner," remarked Rose. "For years my cousins have gone through the theater program and had her as a guidance counselor and she's helped them so much."

Shue has changed many lives at PV and now it's PV's turn to change hers. Supporting Ms. Shue can be done by leaving comments under her nomination post or by posting on social media. A selection committee will decide and announce winners in early 2019. All comments are taken into consideration when choosing a winner.

"She's the reason I finished school, the reason I never gave up, and the reason I still dream, every single day," Haycook concluded. "Ms. Shue is my LifeChanger, and I can guarantee you every student she's ever crossed paths with would agree with me."