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PV and MSU Announce Introduction to Communication Arts and Media Dual Enrollment Course

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Derek Pezo '19 & Kayla Leonard '20
16 November 2018

On November 16, 2018, Passaic Valley announced a dynamic partnership with Montclair State University School of Communications and Media to create the dual enrollment course, Introduction to Communication Arts and Media. This new addition to the school’s curriculum will greatly prepare students with a passion for media studies for a future in the subject. While this course does not take effect until next year, students and faculty members alike are looking forward to the new possibilities this partnership offers.


PVTV's Coverage of the MSU/PV Announcement

Planning for the course began in the summer when Ms. Stephanie Roberts and Mr. Randall Rossilli worked collectively to establish new courses for the school year. While Montclair State University is creating the curriculum, a PV teacher will be trained to teach the course. The final decision regarding the instructors will not be announced until later in the school year.

The course will also be designed to function as a "give and take" between the teacher and students. While the instructor will be able to teach the students about the history of media, students will be able to provide insight into the perspective of the modern consumer.

“I think the ability to look at the intellectual side of media will be fascinating for the students and [the teacher],” Rossilli comments. He adds that this college-level course will offer students a “leg up on their peers come their first year of college.”

Supervisor of Career and Technical Education Patricia Palmiere kicked off the awaited announcement with an overview of the benefits the program has to offer. She discussed the extensive broadcasting opportunities provided to students, as well as a strengthening of skills in real-world environments. This partnership will additionally allow participants to receive college credit as high school students.

“Passaic Valley students benefit from exceptional career and technical education opportunities and partnerships that enhance Passaic Valley’s rigorous curriculum and learning environments,” explained Palmiere.

Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo followed up Palmiere’s words with a deeper description of the valuable effects this program will have on our school. While acknowledging the already competent PVTV electives, she declares that this course addition will bring about an evolution to “a stellar 21st century college and career pathway.” Dr. Cardillo making the addition of MSU dual enrollment course official; property of Randall Rosilli

Cardillo further recognized and honored the administrative team that contributed greatly in making such a program possible, including Rossilli and Palmiere, who she notes had the greatest impact regarding the partnership. 

“[The students] will see that there is no place like home. And that home could be right up the hill at the School of Communication and Media at MSU,” Cardillo concluded.

Among all of the faculty members that spoke, there were also two students who took the stage to give their input on this soon to be new course. Juniors Juliana Turdo and Billy Pickney share the same enthusiasm for broadcasting and media and are eager for this dual enrollment to take place.

As a freshman, Billy was the youngest member Media team, a prestigious achievement which sharpened his skills in broadcasting. Outside of school, he also hosts a Youtube channel where he interviews numerous athletes and sports broadcasters.

“The program here at Passaic Valley has exposed me to various applications, which I probably would not have been exposed to until college,” explained Pickney. “Mr. Rossilli and Mrs. Roberts have been instrumental in expanding our team’s skill set, which I know has personally helped me prepare for a career in broadcast media.”

Having her own interests in broadcasting as well, Turdo looks forward to this course to further benefit her interests and education. During her sophomore year, she was the youngest Hornet to direct a live 4 camera shoot, while maintaining a leadership status in the PVTV community. MSU and PV announce Introduction to Communication Arts and Media

“When I was in middle school, I taught myself how to use various editing programs. I knew that when I got to high school I wanted to continue this passion of mine,” stated Turdo. “My teachers also wanted to see me succeed and were there to support and push me.”

Everyone on the PVTV team agrees whatever project someone is working on, they are usually not alone and always receive support from their peers. Throughout their time in media, Juliana and Billy were able to become exposed to these broadcasting aspects and this dual enrollment course will only sharpen their enthusiasm. 

According to the Student Handbook's Course Selection booklet, Introduction to Communication and Media Arts "examines the crucial role media play in contemporary society and surveys the technological, social, cultural, economic, and political impact of communication codes, media, and their convergence. Topics include the histories of varied media (print, electronic, and digital), media narratives and genres, the interplay between media products/industries and identity, and the evolving significance of emerging technologies."

Please stay tuned to the Valley Echo for more information as this exciting story unfolds. Readers can watch a live stream of the announcement on Passaic Valley's Facebook page.