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PV Invites Community to Strategic Planning Meeting November 26th


Valley Echo Banner Zachary Cronin '19
19 November 2018

Shaking hands; Monday, November 26th, will mark the first Strategic Planning Meeting at Passaic Valley High School. The meeting will take place in the Schneider Auditorium at 6:30pm. After two community forums during the summer, the school district is ready to develop a plan. 

The purpose of these meetings is to solicit information from the community for a 5-year Strategic Plan for Passaic Valley. The  plan will incorporate five aspects of the school: Facilities, Athletics, Safety & Security, School Culture & Community Engagement, and Curriculum & Instruction.

"We are looking to find common themes that are of most need to our school," said Megan Miele. "We have had subsequent meetings and narrowed it down to five categories."

The goal of the meeting is to allow the community to voice their input on how to improve these aspects of the school. The school plans to create smaller committees with follow-up meetings in December and January to develop the plan and begin implementing changes. Everyone is welcome to attend and the results of this meeting will shape the future of the school and community.

If there is an idea you have, this is the place where your voice will be heard. Several Passaic Valley faculty members will be attending to consider every piece of input received.