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Annual Variety Show Highlights Diverse Talents of Students

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Bushra Choudhury '19
22 January 2019

 The annual Variety Show, which took place Friday, January 18th, provided students with an outlet to display their distinctive abilities while serving as a source of entertainment for spectators.  This year's show included musical acts, comedy, cheer, modern dance, and Bollywood dance. Hosts on stage; photo courtesy of Lifetouch

Variety Show 2019

After a brief introduction from senior hosts Anna Ceka, Chanelle Garcia, Marc Garcia, Nell Grabowski, and Gabriella Rose, Mr. Matthew Youngberg opened the show with a musical performance. This year, Mr. Youngberg performed "Freshmen," which he dedicated to his freshmen and seniors, who will be freshmen next year. Filled with excitement from Mr. Youngberg's exceptional performance, the crowd was eager to see what was in store for the night.

Jordan Garcia doing his stand-up comedy routine; photo credit: Yearbook Staff Act One brought the audience an assortment of outstanding acts. Freshman Christopher Perez, who followed Mr. Youngberg, sang “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton and amazed everyone with his vocal range. “Being able to perform my solo in front of an audience was exhilarating and allowed me to express my musical passion,” commented Perez.

Sophomore Himu Halim's dance to "Lucid Dreams" captivated the whole auditorium, leaving viewers speechless.

Youanna Sefein ‘20 gave an exceptional performance as she sang and played on the piano in her rendition of “Consequences”.

The Garcia brothers, Jordan ’21 and Julian ‘21, were nothing short of phenomenal as Jordan’s stand-up comedy routine, entitled “Team Donald Sonic’s Drama,” gave the crowd some knee-slappers, and Julian’s performance of “Dance To Forget” was a pleasure to watch.

The first act also featured duets from Anna Ceka ‘19 and guitarist Jake Son ‘19, who sang “Shallow,” the popular hit from the film A Star is Born. Thien Dinh-Do ‘19 and Alex Papasavas ‘19, sang “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” together, as well. Ceka’s melodic voice accompanied with Son’s guitar and vocals proved to be a strong pairing, and Dinh-Do and Papasavas’ fusion of guitar skills and voices were truly remarkable.

Senior Miguel Martinez’s dance/cheer routine, for which he drew inspiration from Willy Wonka, left the crowd entranced as he flawlessly demonstrated his tumbling skills and other techniques.

Katie Calandriello ‘22 sang “The Lamest Place In The World”, adding an element of cheerfulness to the atmosphere, and Mariah Himsel ‘21 closed the act with an impressive performance of the song “Diamonds”.

Act Two gave a spotlight to many spectacular singers, such as freshman Noah Fuch’s “A Million Dreams”, senior Gabi Volonnino’s “The Wizard and I”, and juniors Ashley and Victoria Povolo’s ‘20 “Dreams”.

Mark Huggins ‘20 sang and played the piano for his fantastic cover of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”. Mia Preziosi ‘20 and Him Halim'21 on stage; photo credit: Yearbook Staff Michael Burgos ‘19 sang “Everything Has Changed”, and the duo’s raw musical talent and chemistry touched the cords of audience members’ hearts.

Patrick Calvano ‘22 performed, on piano, the theme from “Fallout 4”, creating a pleasant and serene aura.

Michela Speller ‘19 enraptured the audience as she gave a riveting performance of an original song, entitled “Moon”.

For this year, Malavika Singh ‘19 displayed her Bollywood dancing skills as she danced to a Bollywood medley.

Closing the show, this year, with an electrifying performance of “Under Pressure” and “Brown-Eyed Girl,” was student band “The Boys”. Band members include seniors Michael Burgos on guitar, Jake Son on guitar/rums/vocals, Thien Dinh-Do on drums and piano, Tommy Ehrenberg on bass, "The Boys" on stage; photo credit: Yearbook Staff and Alex Papasavas as lead vocalist. The charisma and confidence of the members was prominent, intensifying the overall greatness of the performance.

“One thing that makes the show so great is that it gives us a unique platform to showcase our talents,” began Burgos. “It’s a very laid-back environment, so there isn’t as much pressure as there would be in a traditional production.”

It was the best way to end the night full of incredible performances, as hosts Anna Ceka, Chanelle Garcia, Marc Garcia, Nell Grabowski, and Gabby Rose hopped on stage to dance along to “Brown Eyed Girl”. The previous acts were then invited on stage to dance alongside the hosts.

Director of the Variety Show, Ms. Caren Atamian, was immensely proud of the students and their hard work towards making the show a success. “Every year has something new to offer, and, as always, we were able to highlight the variety of talents the students have to offer,” stated Ms. Atamian. “All the acts were wonderful and stood out in their own way. It’s truly the students’ courage to put themselves out there and their unique capabilities that make the evening special!”