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Teen Center Designs Bulletin Board Dedicated to Black History Month

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Isabella Nicosia'19 

22 February 2019 

The Teen Center recently designed a bulletin board outside of their room dedicated to Black History Month. Ms. Ashley Shaw, the designer, included images of African American artists and historical figures in hopes of honoring them and all that they stand for.

The images more zoomed in on the mural; Photo Credit: Isabella Nicosia  The bulletin board was designed to grab students' attention, while also keeping it contemporary and interesting. There are several familiar faces within: Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, etc. However, it also contains many lesser-known African American figures students may not be familiar with. This then sparks the viewer's interest to learn more about the amazing people that helped make history.    This picture shows a zoomed in angle of the mural outside of the Teen Center; Photo Credit: Isabella Nicosia

Shaw also wanted to concentrate on music when designing this piece. “I included Kendrick Lamar and Tupac because that’s music, obviously we all listen to music," said Shaw. "I thought about the [design] because I wanted it to look really vintage.”

Even though Shaw wishes she could add more to her piece, she is thrilled with the final product. This happiness is also shared by students who walked past the bulletin board. One student, Luciana Forte ’19, exclaimed, “The [bulletin board] is very unique and I enjoyed seeing it when I walked through the hall.”