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Il Tulipano Hosts Class of 2020's Cotillion

Valley Echo Banner Grace Rose '19
14 March 2019

Junior Cotillion was held at Il Tulipano in Cedar Grove on Friday March 7th. The class advisors, Mrs. Rachel Briggs and Mrs. Susanne Benvenuti, and junior class officers planned the night over a year in advance to make the night memorable and entertaining for the Class of 2020. 

Junior Cotillion; photo credit: Lifetouch "Planning the Cotillion is very much like planning a wedding," remarked Mrs. Briggs. "The class officers are very good at getting the information regarding the fundraising from us to the student body and vice versa." Junior Cotillion; photo credit: Lifetouch

The officers shared their input in choosing entertainment, centerpieces, and menus. For class president, Ashley Povolo, seeing the fruits of all that planning was her favorite part. "After all the stress of making the decisions to make the night perfect, I think that being able to just relax and see it all happen was awesome," she declared.Junior Cotillion

A highlight of school dances is the students' personal preparations. Months in advance, students picked out what they would wear, from dresses and suits to shoes and accessories they would add to complete their looks. An Instagram page was also set up to ensure no one would wear the same dress. On Friday, students were allowed to leave after 5th period to begin getting ready. 

"I loved getting dressed up and taking pictures with my best friends," remarked Sania Khan '20. "It was a great night with great music and I had a lot of fun."

The night was a success and Il Tulipano was decorated beautifully. "We really wanted it be a night for the students, and I think we accomplished that," said Povolo.