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PVTV Launches Pre-Show "Into the Void" to Kick-Off Girls' Show Week

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Maryam Ahmed '19 
11 March 2019

Debuting two days before the big event, PVTV unveiled "Into the Void," a short film created to preview their coverage of Girls' Show. This year, the crew decided to continue storylines established in last year's promo. 

The the first installment of the pre-show aired on February 27th. Students were able to watch it during their homerooms through the morning announcements. The series consisted of three episodes, telling the same story. PVTV Crew; property of Juliana Turdo '19

Film director and editor, Lorenzo Graziano '19, put this project together by taking a small part from the previous year's pre-show to direct this year's. The plot follows the PVTV crew as they become trapped in the television by the same hooded figure who was featured in last year's show. The hooded figure creates this "magical" remote and sneaks into the PVTV headquarters. As the crew is having their meeting, the villain uses his remote to transport everyone in the room into the television. The television acts as the "void", an empty dark space that everyone is trapped in.

Marc and Gabby, two hosts of Girls' Show, walk into the room, noticing that everyone is missing. When they hear something suspicious, they immediately turn on the television and find their friends. The television shuts off, and the hooded figure remains behind them, ready to put Marc, Gabby and Juliana (who returns from taking her test), into the television as well. However, as the masked figure turns on his remote, it somehow ruptures. The crew and the unknown figure switch places, and the villain is punished for his actions, being stuck in the "void". 

The show took about a month to produce. "I'm proud of everyone who worked hard to make sure this pre-show was a possibility," Chloe Nakhleh '19 remarked. "Overall, it was so much fun, and we'll always have that to look back on."

The film has been entered into several film competitions, showcasing Graziano's directing and editing skill. "Soon enough, I hope the PVTVPart of PVTV Crew; property of PVTV youtube crew and I come up with another fun project to do before the end of the year," he commented.

Pulling off the complicated shoot and edits in just a month is an impressive feat. Their dedication, comradery, and technical prowess is clear in the final product. "The whole production was student directed, filmed and edited," Mr. Capello stated. "They had a blast creating the content and worked well together."

To watch the "Into the Void" series visit the PVTV youtube channel. For more productions broadcasted by PVTV, visit the PVTV website to learn more.