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Band and Choir to Host Their Annual Spring Concert Thursday, March 21


Valley Echo Banner Zachary Cronin '19
19 March 2019

This Thursday, March 21, Passaic Valley Band and Choir will be hosting its annual Spring Music Concert. The concert will start at 7pm and will feature performances from the Jazz Band, Concert Band, Choir and the Hornet Harmonics, the school’s acapella group. The Spring Concert is directed by Mr. Michael DeLuccia and Ms. Pia Vanderstreet.

PVTV's Spring Concert Teaser 2019

“The kids have been working on the music since mid to end of January," said DeLuccia. "We are very excited to present it to the public.”Concert Band; property of Mr. DeLuccia

This year, participants in the concert will don special attire to make the event feel more special and professional. Men will wear tuxedos and ladies will have concert gowns.

"Audiences can look forward to a new look for the choir and band, they will all be wearing their formal concert attire," said Vanderstreet. "A portion of the cost of the new concert gowns was purchased with funds from the PV Education Foundation."

Vanderstreet expounded upon the new and exciting things this year's show will bring. "The Hornet Harmonics will be singing two popular songs, one with Gabi Volonnino as a featured soloist and Mia Preziosi will be making her beat boxing debut," she said. "Choir is also singing a song that splits into eight parts, which took a lot of hard work but sounds great!"

The meshing of varied student talents will also be a highlight of the show. “I think what is going to make the concert different from last year is the performances," said Thien Dinh-Do '19. "Everyone is doing a great job and we’ve got a lot of variety.” 

Choir; property of Mr. DeLuccia For veteran band and choir members, watching the program evolve has been a rewarding experience. “As a senior it's great to see how the program has grown," said Jake Son '19. "We’re all working together to put on a great show.”

The Spring Concert is typically in May. However, Vanderstreet and DeLuccia decided to switch the concert date with that of the Pops Concert. With the latter being a more laid-back and contemporary performance, it was agreed that it would be a better bookend for the year. "The decision was made to switch the titles of the concerts because we wanted them to coincide with the seasons (this week marks the start of spring actually)," Vanderstreet explained. "The Pops Concert also usually contains more popular music and student solos, we thought it would be a good way to end the year."