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Art Department Begins Promotion for Art Show 2019

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Grace Rose '19
9 April 2019

Passaic Valley’s Art Show is the all-encompassing event that showcases PV students’ artistic talent. The show will be held in the Farrell Gym during school May 22nd and 23rd. On May 22nd from 7 to 9 PM,  the Art Show will be open to the public.

Art Show 2019 Poster Reveal

Art Show is a lasting tradition, which has been a part of PV for over 60 years. It began because of the high interest in sharing what students create in their art classes with the community. Art is an essential class for high school students to take as it gives students a time to create something special. Passaic Valley students are offered 25 different fine and performing art courses. Screen-printing the 2019 Poster; photo credit: Grace Rose '19

Now, it is simply called “Art Show” but used to be called the “Art Exhibition” and the “Fine and Industrial Arts Show.” Some key features in the 70s and 80s were industrial arts, textiles, and jewelry pieces. This year, works will include: painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and fashion. 

YeonJyu Kitahara's Art Show Poster Design 2019 The Art Show poster is the focal point of promotion, and the selection of the design is also a kept tradition. Each student taking Ms. Ingraham’s Portfolio class competes by creating 3-5 designs during the third marking period. Ms. Ingraham offers guidance to her students throughout the process. Once the black and white designs are finalized, the other art teachers vote for the winning design. The design is then put on a silk screen and transferred onto posters to be hung throughout the school and t-shirts for art students to wear during Art Show. YeonJyu Kitahara ‘19 is the winner of the 2019 Art Show Poster.

“I wanted to do something with a skeleton for an art piece because it is so intriguing and complex! I added flowers to give off a softer feeling in contrast to the skeleton,” said Kitahara. “Some inspiration even came from taking Anatomy and Physiology this year.”  

Kitahara's design was revealed as the winning design in a special slideshow honoring Art Show posters of the past. The slideshow, with voiceover from Evan Fitzpatrick '19, can be viewed above.

The photography section of the show will include the Passaic Valley/Bergen ABA students’ darkroom photography for the first time. Ms. Melanie Vasa is ecstatic for their photography to be displayed. Additionally, each student who takes one of Ms. Melanie Vasa’s photo classes has one of their pieces displayed in the show.

“Photography is so hard to do, so if [a student] manages to take pictures with a manual film camera, manages to develop the film, and manages to get a print in the dark room, then they deserve to have a photo in the show,” said Ms. Vasa. QR Codes at Art Show 2019; Photo Credit: Mrs. Jennifer Chelel

Another new facet to the show will be Mrs. Jennifer Chelel’s boutique-style exhibit of her full-year painting students’ projects. The assignment was to create a painting on an article of clothing or accessory in which they were paying homage to a particular artist. The goal was to modernize the painting and see how easy it is to make something their own, and possibly even wear it. Look out for the QR Codes in the fashion boutique as they will give some background information on the inspiration for the piece. 

For visitors, there will be hands-on STEAM activities, live screen printing, and more. Art Show is an exciting event for the students exhibiting their works, and for the community to experience the artwork in person. The Art Department and art students invite you to come see for yourself PV Art Show 2019 in the Farrell Gym on May 22nd.