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Students Show Pride for Their Futures on Decision Day

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Derek Pezo '19 & Zachary Cronin '19
1 May 2019

Photo Credit: Raima Islam Desision Day 2019 Photo Gallery

May 1st is a crucial day for high school seniors everywhere, as it is College Decision Day, when most students make and announce their choice of post-secondary institution. In order to celebrate this memorable day, students wore T-shirts and other apparel of the institution they will soon be attending. This day is special as it is a culmination of all the challenging work seniors have done throughout their high school careers. Passaic Valley seniors participated in the celebration along with staff members, who wore apparel from their alma maters.

Students Show Pride for their Schools; Photo Credit Grace Rose '19 Throughout the day, students took pictures with fellow classmates, while happily talking about the plans they have for after graduation.

"I think what interests me the most right now is getting involved with student organizations," Alexander Perez '19 who will be attending Syracuse University. "I'd like to become a part of the community at Syracuse."

Some seniors plan on staying local, while others will venture out of the state in order to make their own paths. No matter where students plan on attending, they will learn new experiences and create new bonds that will last a lifetime. These following years will also prove to students who they are as individuals.

"I'm looking forward to meeting new people," said Louis Saputo '19, who will be attending Penn State University. "Going to school out of state will give me many new experiences and opportunities."

Students Show Pride for their Schools; Photo Credit Kayla Leonard '20 For many seniors, this tradition marks the beginning of the end of their high school careers. As a result, Decision Day may seem bitter sweet to some.

"For many seniors choosing a path for after graduation is the single biggest decision of their lives. Every choice has pros and cons, and while exciting, this process can be confusing, frustrating and scary," said Ms. Tara Torres, Director of Guidance. "This is why it is so important to uplift the students and show our support as a school."