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Hornet Hackathon Welcomes Middle School Students to PV on May 22nd

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Jocelyn Martinez
May 13, 2019

Taking place for the first time ever, the Hornet Hackathon will be administered for all third through eighth graders of the Totowa, Little Falls, and Woodland Park middle schools and their families to showcase what courses, programs, activities, and sports, Passaic Valley has to offer. The inaugural Hackathon will take place on May 22nd from 6-9 pm.

The Hornet Hackathon is scheduled to take place in the library on the same date as the Art Show, giving people the opportunity to view both the Art Show and the activities of this event within the same night. The Hornet Hackcathon is an event designed to be a hands-on experience for the future students of Passaic Valley, offering numerous activities and presentations for the students to learn and engage themselves in the atmosphere of high school.

The Hornet Hackathon covers all of the varying aspects of PV, from the mathematic and science courses to the theater and instrumental clubs. "Students will have the chance to do game programming, 3D printing, try an engineering challenge, see the a cappella group sing, witness the band practice for their upcoming spring concert, and much more," mentioned Mr. Carlucci. There are no limitations, so while some visitors may choose to physically engage themselves in the activities that will be present, others could easily walk around and simply view each station as they wish. Hornet Hackathon Flyer

Several teachers, such as Mr. Sanders, Mr. Phillian, Ms. Robeson, Ms. Vanderstreet, Ms. Vasa, and Mr. Carlucci, will also be present at this event, offering an abundance of expert information about these activities and courses. "It will also serve to enable them to get better acquainted with each other, our school, and our teachers," shared Mr. Phillian.  The visitors will be able to engage with the teachers as much as they please.

The great thing about the Hornet Hackathon is that not only is it offered to the graduating middle-schoolers, but it is also open to all students ranging from third through eighth grade. Giving these young kids the opportunity to witness what Passaic Valley has to offer them in the near future allows them to see what's in store and what to prepare for as well. This event will inspire the children to really start thinking about what they are interested in and to begin exploring their skill sets. This event will give students and their families the chance to learn as much as possible about what is in store at Passaic Valley next year and in the distant future as well.