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Students and Their Families Gather for the World Language Honors Society Induction

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Jocelyn Martinez '19
May 21, 2019

On Tuesday May 21st, many Passaic Valley students, families, and World Language teachers gathered in the auditorium to celebrate the World Language Honors Society inductees for 2019.

The induction ceremony required a lot of preparation and cooperation from the language students and teachers, but it all payed off in the end. The ceremony was scheduled to take place during the evening and was followed by a relaxing time of socializing, snacking, and congratulating for the inductees and their families. The inductees included students from all World Language classes at Passaic Valley: French, Italian, and Spanish. 

The ceremony started with the pledge of allegiance, lead by Anthony Sari '19, a former inductee for the Italian Honors Society. Following the pledge of allegiance, the induction of the students began, beginning with French, followed by Italian, and finishing off with Spanish. The ceremony included specific "rituals", or traditions, that the inductees had to go through before officially being a member of the society. World Language Honors Society; photo credit: Lexie DeLuca '20

Each student was first called up individually by the residing teacher of that language: Mrs. Lynn Lions for the French students, Ms. Carmela Monzo for the Italian students, and Mrs. Anna Marie Dolce for the Spanish students. As each student was called on stage, they carried a candle which they lit themselves and continued to hold as the other inductees were called. After all the students of the specific language were on the stage, they were required to repeat after a passage spoken in that particular language by past inductees. The French speakers were Kadie Cathcart '19, Megha Mahmood '19, and Katherine Fergurson '19. The Italian speakers being Bushra Choudhury '19 and Julia Pellicanne '20. Finally, the Spanish passage was delivered by Vanessa Padilla '19 and Jerry Sevillano '20. Being a speaker is a great honor and they were chosen by the language teachers carefully. "Speaking at the event was an experience like no other, and I will never forget it," exclaimed Cathcart.

Following this tradition, the inductees of each language were then recquired to recite a statement in that particular language followed by blowing out the candles. By completing this final, symbolic act, the students were officially members. "My passion for the French language and the French course that this school has provided me made me eager to apply and once I was a member, I felt very accomplished," mentioned Melissa Myrtaj '20.

Although the rituals of speaking the language and being called up on stage in front of a pretty large audience is kind of scary, the ceremony is nonetheless an enjoyable event. "The ceremony was a little nerve-wracking but enjoyable, comforting, and fulfilling overall," stated Lexie De Luca '20.

Teachers getting the opportunity to see their students accomplish such a milestone was also a great part of the ceremony. "I am very proud to see my students' hard work pay off," said Ms. Monzo.