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Students Navigate Awareness & Prevention at Spring Teen Summit

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Brianna Rodriguez'20

4 June 2019

Students at Fall Teen Summit 2019 Advisor Ms. Kelly Morris and Media Consultant Ms. Stephanie Roberts brought 10 students to the annual Passaic County Teen Summit held at William Paterson University on May 17, 2019: Angelo Fuentes ‘22, Gabriella Cielo ‘22, Anthony Mallamace ’22, Jonathon Mallamace ‘22, Christopher Perez ‘22, Julia Ciampa ‘21, Taylor Capers ‘20, Gina Manzi ‘20, Mia Preziosi ‘20, and Juliana Turdo ‘20.

Held during both the Fall and Spring, Teen Summit is a program that encourages creativity and teamwork with the goal of promoting the prevention of substance abuse and motivating mental-health awareness. This year’s theme was “Leading the Way: S.N.A.P (Students Navigate Awareness & Prevention)”.  

During the Fall Teen Summit, the students are tasked brainstorming projects related to the assigned theme for the Spring Teen Summit, where their videos would be presented. Teams were then given the time between summits to produce their projects.

Teen Summit Video 2019

Although Ms. Morris and Ms. Roberts help navigate through various issues that arise during production, most of the work is done by the students. Once their video idea is ready, the presentation is student-written, student-filmed, and student-edited to be just how they envisioned it.

Taylor Capers came up with and wrote the idea for the presentation. “We decided to do an anti-Juul theme since vaping/nicotine use happens to be most relevant amongst teens,” Capers explained.

Juliana Turdo took charge of the editing and Gina Manzi assisted her with the sound. All of the other students helped and contributed in many ways as well and they were all actors in the film to some capacity. Students at Spring Teen Summit 2019

For the May 17th Spring Summit, Students showcased their video presentations and the message behind the work. Judges selected the top five winning schools at the end of the summit and those schools received a grant of $500 each, funded by numerous sponsors.

“It’s a great opportunity to have everybody in the same room. There are around 200- 250 students from around Passaic County who are all there for a common goal, so it’s exciting to see what everyone comes up with,” Morris said.

Unfortunately, PV did not place top 5 this year, but with how hard the students worked this year, there is a lot for them to be proud of and warrants hope for years to come.