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Seniors End Year with Magical Prom at Seasons

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Bushra Choudhury '19, Kylie Tedeschi '19, Jocelyn Martinez '19
June 11, 2019

For many seniors, prom is a milestone as it marks the nearing end of one's high school career. From rushing out of school to spending hours getting ready and taking pictures, the stress and pressure become worth it after the festivities begin. This year's senior prom was no exception. Held on June 7th at Seasons Catering in Washington Township, the prom's aesthetically pleasing venue, variety in food and refreshments, music from the DJ, and open photo booth helped pull the event together, making it an especially memorable night for attendees.

Mrs. Monzo with students; photo credit: Mr. Alfred Cappello The evening began with cocktail hour at 6 p.m., as guests were treated to an assortment of hors-d'oeuvres. This time was mainly utilized to take pictures because of the undeniable beauty of the space. The fountains, gazebos, landscaping, and overall architecture of the facility made it the picture-perfect location for a prom. "I honestly could have spent the whole night taking pictures," commented Samantha Torres '19. "The venue was absolutely surreal."

After cocktail hour, guests were eager to head onto the dancefloor to dance the night away. During the night, the DJs kept the crowdLorans Washah'19 and crowd enjoying prom; photo credit: Mr. Alfred Cappello energized with their very diverse catalog of music. The indoor fireworks from the DJ booth were a nice touch as they got the crowd energized and excited for what is in store for the night. For many, a highlight of the night was when the DJs put on a popular Arabic song, leading many members of the crowd to do the dabke, an Arabic folk dance that combines circle dancing and line dancing.

"The DJs definitely made some smart choices with the music they chose throughout the night, but you can't beat the dabke song," shared Lorans Washah '19.

Guests were also treated to a mix of current hits and classics that ranged from Post Malone's "Wow" to John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads". 

Different dinner foods at Seasons; photo credit: Mr. Alfred Cappello Without a doubt, the food at Seasons' buffet was beyond compare as guests were offered a large variety. Some of the offerings included a pasta station, sushi station, meat carving stations, pizza lamps, and even Middle-Eastern cuisine. "It was almost overwhelming how many different foods were offered during dinner, but there was definitely something for everyone," said Lauren Krankel '19. "All in all, the food exceeded my expectations."

Towards the end of the night, guests were then treated to an assorted dessert plate, which included red velvet cake, cannolis, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Given the hard work and planning which went into the event, theSenior Class Officers; photo credit: Mr. Alfred Cappello
final result of the night was truly rewarding for the advisors and officers. "Personally, I've been looking forward to my Senior Prom for as long as I remember, which is why I wanted to make sure the night was perfect," stated Senior Class Secretary Bushra Choudhury. "But I'm glad to see that all the planning paid off."

"The prom was a first-class event," reflected class advisors Mrs. Michelle Miskovich and Mrs. Rosalinda Mulcahy in a joint statement.  "The student attendees were elegantly dressed and represented Passaic Valley with poise and pride. The outdoor courtyard at Seasons was gorgeous, the food was delectable, and the indoor fireworks added extra sparkle to a magical evening that will be memorable for years to come."