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Kassidy Fraser Wishes to Share Writing with Valley Echo Audience

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Kristina Martir'20
26 September 2019

As Kassidy Fraser ’22 enters her sophomore year, she chooses to share her artistic passion and talent with the Passaic Valley community as a writer on the Valley Echo Staff for the 2019-20 school year. 

Kassidy Fraser, Student of the Month Fraser took Journalism to gain an understanding of the subject to see if she would want to study it in college. She also wishes to gain the experience of writing at a journalistic level and improve her writing skills. She is excited for this school year to be able to express herself in her writing and to continue the amazing high school experience. 

Fraser is involved in many activities in and out of school.  She participates in a few extracurricular activities, such as the Italian Club and the Criminal Justice Club. Athletics is one of her greatest passions; she has played softball and basketball since middle school. In addition, she has many hobbies that she enjoys happily, these include writing, music, and sports.

 “I can express myself freely,” she claims. “They’re an outlet from school, stress, and from work”

As a sophomore transitioning from a freshman, she is looking forward to the challenges that she will face not only this year but for her subsequent high school years. She believes that having good character instilled by her family allows her to be a hardworking and determined student. 

During her freshman year, she was chosen by teachers and faculty to be Student of the Month for her impressive work ethic and being a role model. She hopes that she will be able to continue spreading a positive influence to others as a Valley Echo journalist.


Kristina Martir