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Mr. Meluso Departs PV Grateful for His Time as Teacher and Administrator


Valley Echo Banner Gabriella Gutierrez '22
20 November 2019

Network and Computer System Administrator, Mr. Anthony Meluso, parted ways with the school on December 1st to pursue other career opportunities. Students and staff are grateful for the tremendous amount of work Mr. Meluso put into developing and maintaining the school's technological capabilities.Mr. Meluso guest lecturing in Physics; photo credit: Chris Krusberg

Mr. Meluso was instrumental in developing the "Bring Your Own Device" Program, which launched in October of 2018. The program is responsible for affording students more freedom over their learning and providing teachers with new modalities to deliver content.

"His BYOD initiative was a huge success and is just one of the things that he leaves behind in his impressive legacy," said Math teacher and Tech Team member Mr. Brad Ottino. "His competence and willingness to help and teach impressed me most."

In his tenure at Passaic Valley, Mr. Meluso continuously sought to advance the technology of the district. "It was challenging to keep the school updated and modern," he said. Mr. Meluso's first eight years were hectic as he largely worked alone until the "Tech Team" was developed. The Tech Team is a group of staff members, who provide technical support for the school's electronic devices and assist staff and students with their technical needs. Mr. Meluso is incredibly appreciative of all the work the Tech Team has done.

"We are losing an extremely smart, talented educator," said Mrs. Jamie Picarelli, English teacher and Tech Team member. "He single-handedly brought PV up to 21st Century challenges in education and we should be forever grateful for that."Mr. Meluso testing computers for PARCC; photo credit: Brendan Hout

Initially, Mr. Meluso began as a teacher at Passaic Valley, helping students learn the processes of business applications, word processing, Photoshop, and the proper use of other business tools. "I enjoyed meeting students and watching them leave to become professionals in computer science," said Mr. Meluso.

He served as advisor for the Computer Club and fondly remembers organizing contests, video gaming events, trivia, computer model building, and other activities alongside students.

Working in the school system for many years, Meluso is grateful he built close bonds and lasting friendships with his co-workers. "Everyone here at PV has a big heart," he shared.

Mr. Meluso looks forward to pursuing new ideas and building relationships with his future co-workers. All in all, Mr. Meluso wants to make it known to his peers and students that the school is putting in its best efforts to continue running efficiently and smoothly. He describes Passaic Valley as heartful, caring, and full of soul. He will truly cherish his memories and time here. "PV is like getting a big hug, everyone is close, it's full of history, there is a lot of good here," said Mr. Meluso.