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Ms. Agosta Retires After 38 Years as Special Education Teacher

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Arcangelo Iurato '21
17 December 2019

Ms. Jenai Agosta has retired as Special Education Teacher after 38 years. Displaying an incredible level of dedication for the community, Ms. Agosta spent the entirety of her career at Passaic Valley. She leaves behind a legacy of rigor and care in the students she taught and the staff she advised.

Ms. Agosta during the clap-out; photo credit: Mr. Cornelius Van Ess With a long and dynamic career, Ms. Agosta doesn't pinpoint one aspect of her work as standing above the rest. "I don't consider any one thing as my greatest achievement," she said. "I feel like I came to work, I did my best to educate my students, to make them stay in school and get them on the right path."

Staff members throughout the school are grateful for the impact she made on their careers. "I learned a lot from her," said Special Education Teacher Ms. Ashley Francis. "I look up to her as a teacher, as a mentor, and a person who has had as much influence on her students as her colleagues."

Ms. Agosta consistently went out of her way and put in effort beyond what was asked of her to benefit students. "She did a wonderful job with home instruction," said Mr. Michael Paternoster, Director of Special Education. "We could always count on her to take care of kids who were struggling at Passaic Valley. She put her heart and soul into this place." Ms. Agosta also served as the Head Coach of the Passaic Valley Gymnastics Team.

Ms. Agosta's Clap-Out

Students and staff members showed Ms. Agosta their appreciation for her service during a clap-out on her final day of work, November 27th. Grateful Hornets lined the walls of the Main Entrance Hallway during 8th period as Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo and English Teacher and friend Mrs. Kathleen Dellanno gathered Ms. Agosta from her classroom and escorted her to the Farrell Gymnasium. Clapping and cheering accompanied her down the hall as she entered the gym, where her gymnasts greeted her with homemade signs of congratulations. After a speech from Ms. Agosta, students and staff were welcome to share personal well-wishes, and even some tears, with her before departing for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Everyone at Passaic Valley wishes Ms. Agosta a wonderful retirement and thanks her for her years of service.