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Cherished Nurse Mrs. Abbatemarco Says Her Farewells

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Olivia Manfredo '20
27 November 2019

Mrs. Diane Abbatemarco, one of Passaic Valley’s beloved nurses, retired as of December 1st. Over the course of her time here, she helped countless students and was loved by many. Although her time at Passaic Valley was short, her impact was immense.Mrs. Abbetamarco a day before her retirement; photo credit: Olivia Manfredo

Every time a student needed help, Mrs. Abbatemarco was there to take care of them. Every time a student needed a wheelchair, she would bring them one and wheel them to the Health Office to be taken care of. The most rewarding part of nursing for her was seeing all the students and using her skills to care for their injuries, ailments, and conditions. Her warm-hearted, charitable personality made her an unforgettable figure. 

“I have always had a passion for helping people and decided becoming a nurse would be just right for me,” she said.

Mrs. Abbatemarco's active role in the community extends beyond helping students. She also volunteers at hospitals and animal shelters. Before coming to Passaic Valley, she was a full time nurse in Paterson. 

Despite retirement, Mrs. Abbatemarco will continue to help others in her community. “After retiring, I plan on hopefully traveling, spending time with my grandchildren and continue volunteering,” she said. Passaic Valley will miss having her and wishes her the best in the future.