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Passaic Valley Teachers Seek New Robotics Opportunities at PCCC

Valley Echo Banner Devyn DiPasquale'21
6 December 2019

A few weeks ago, members of the Passaic Valley staff, Mr. Michael Carlucci, Ms. Arianna Robeson, and Mr. William Phillian visited Passaic County Community College to learn more about robotics teams and competitions. The Science Department hopes to use the information to form a robotics team at Passaic Valley.Circuit board;

During the trip, the educators learned what it takes to establish and manage a robotics team that can compete at both the high school and college level. The staff members were exposed to what is needed to begin a robotics team, while simultaneously creating a relationship with the robotics program at PCCC. The creation of a robotics team at Passaic Valley has been in the works for a while and these determined staff members are eager to make it happen. Cogs;

While there is currently no robotics class, nor a club, the hopes are to conjoin students from Ms. Robeson’s Engineering class with Mr. Phillian’s Engineering Club to form a PV Robotics Team. The team would prepare and then compete in the annual New Jersey Robotics Competition, held at Passaic County Community College. “Having a robotics team here at PV was always a thought or a dream,” said STEM Supervisor Mr. Carlucci. “Now it’s definitely a reality.”

The new opportunity for students will certainly benefit them in the present, as well as in college and their future careers. “With a robotics team, our students will be able to get involved in college-type activities. They will be exposed to college students and compete against college students as well,” said Ms. Robeson. “Because it’s an advance in technology, it’s giving us at PV another way to participate in something that is STEM and engineering related.”