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Mr. Anthony Ottino Retires After 14 Years

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Lulu Mubarak '20
9 January 2020

Mr. Ottino teaching Financial Literacy; photo credit:  Rae Allex Mr. Anthony Ottino retired on October 1st, 2019 after 14 years at Passaic Valley. Mr. Ottino worked for IBM for 25 years and at another school district prior to his time as a Hornet. Mr. Ottino says he had a wonderful experience here and will miss his colleagues and the camaraderie he built with them.

Mr. Ottino retired to expand his journey through life, travel, and time to enjoy things. He encourages students to stay in school for as long as they can. "Stay in education as long as you can and enjoy it," he said. "The results will be worth it."

Mr. Ottino teaching Financial Literacy; photo credit: Rae Allex His son, Math Teacher Mr. Brad Ottino, has mixed feelings about his father's retirement. While he celebrates his father's incredible career along with the rest of the school, he will miss his father as a colleague. "My dad has taught me many things. I'm grateful to have him as an example both in and out of school," Mr. Ottino said. "I'm grateful to have a dad that instilled values and integrity in me at an early age."

Many students and teachers recall Mr. Ottino as a kind, professional man. "He was really nice and patient with all his students," said senior Taylor Capers, who took Mr. Ottino's Financial Literacy class. "He brought a lot of knowledge and wisdom into his classrooms."