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Timothy Shoemaker Teaches Students About the Dangers of Vaping


Megan Morales '20 & Kassidy Fraser '22

21 February 2020

Timothy Shoemaker speaking with Passaic Valley students; photo credit: Rae Allex On February 12, freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes learned the dangers and effects of vaping. Timothy Shoemaker served as a guest lecturer informing students about the soaring rates of vaping-related illnesses and conditions plaguing high schools throughout America. Timothy Shoemaker is a nationally renowned expert on the vaping epidemic, who has great passion for changing the perception of vaping and drugs. Shoemaker delivered a second presentation to the community at 6:30-8:00 pm.

Timothy Shoemaker during his presentation; photo credit Rae Allex At his lecture, Shoemaker told real life stories and explained to students that vaping is not as safe as presented by some. He explained to students what these devices can do to your body and warned that teenagers are targeted by big tobacco companies. He believes that far too many teenagers beautify or glamorize vaping as "cool" or "trendy". However, the reality is that these products are not federally regulated and no one can be sure what products and chemicals are in the cartridges. Furthermore, the devices are not safe and prone to malfunctions, which can lead to serious injury. Hundreds of users have needed emergency medical attention due to vaping related issues.

Shoemaker is an officer in the D.A.R.E. program and creator of the Save Your Breath Program, which brings awareness to the dangers of vaping and drugs through presentations at schools around the country.

Student Assistance Coordinator Ms. Kelly Morris brought Shoemaker to the school to spark thought, consideration, and hopefully change. "Maybe they can ask questions or talk with the teachers after class to learn even more," said Ms. Morris. "If even one student doesn't start vaping or one student quits vaping as a result of the presentation, we accomplished our goal."