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Broadcast Experience Takes Trip to NBC Studios

banner Kassidy Fraser'22
12 March 2020

Mrs. Stephanie Roberts and her Broadcast Experience class took a trip to NBC Studios in New York City. They were given a tour of the facility and the opportunity to perform a skit on one of their stages. 

On their tour, Broadcast Experience students were taken around the facility and NBC's studios, including the studio in which Saturday Night Live is taped. Students were able to explore and learn more about professional broadcasting equipment. Broadcast Experience in front of Rockefeller Center; photo credit: Mrs. Roberts

“You always hope to get lucky and see someone famous,” said Mrs. Roberts. Unfortunately, students did not get to meet any of their favorite TV stars, but were still afforded an experience they will never forget.

Students created their own skit/video using one of NBC's professional studios. Some students were given a script and performed as the talent of the show. Other students worked as the production crew, using the professional equipment like the cameras and teleprompter. This was the perfect opportunity for students, considering it is a lot like what they do in Broadcasting class each day for the morning announcements.

NBC Experience Video

“It's about real-world application,” said Mrs. Roberts. “Everything they are learning here is preparing them for future careers in broadcasting.”