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Senior Quintuplets Receive Full Scholarship to Montclair State University

Valley Echo banner Brianna Rodriguez '20 & Olivia Manfredo '20
6 April 2020

The Povolo's react to the surprise gift; photo credit: Mr. Van Ess Montclair State University (MSU) awarded the Povolo quintuplets with a full scholarship to their institution in a ceremony held in Campbell Hall. The gift was a surprise to four of the five siblings and their parents. Victoria Povolo, who was in on the surprise, had previously reached out to MSU with college tuition concerns for the large family.

Back in November, Michael, Masha, Marcus, Ashley and Victoria Povolo attended an Open House at Montclair State University. All five siblings applied to MSU prior to the Open House and thought it would be beneficial to try and receive some financial aid from the school.The Povolo siblings and Mrs. Polovo talking to the press; photo credit: Mr. Van Ess

Victoria kept in contact with the financial aid advisors after the Open House. After some discussion, one of the advisors contacted Victoria individually. He advised her over a phone call that Victoria, along with her four siblings would not only receive the financial aid they were looking for, but they would instead be receiving a tuition-free, full ride to Montclair State University. From then on, Victoria, the MSU financial aid advisor, and Guidance Counselor Ms. Diana Pasquariello planned a special surprise in the Guidance Office for the rest of the siblings and their parents to deliver the news.  

“Originally we were all meeting together for what I thought was a meeting about financial aid,” Marcus explained. “It was amazing.”

Mrs. Povolo hugging the MSU mascot; photo credit: Mr. Van Ess Paying for higher education can be stressful for all families, but the prospect of paying tuition for five children at the same time was particularly daunting for the Povolos. “When you have five kids going to college at once, like my family, you really have to take into consideration how much it’s going to cost and how it’s going to affect our future,” Victoria explained. “For this to happen to us felt like a movie, it was amazing.”

Mr. and Mrs. Povolo share their children’s elation and relief. “College had always been a concern growing up and seeing the burden get lifted off not only my shoulders, but my parents as well, is insane,” says Masha.  “Going to school with my siblings is going to be very exciting. Not only is it convenient, but they’re never very far and it’s satisfying to know they’re always going to be around.”

The Povolo siblings and Dr. Cardillo posing with check; photo credit: Mr. Van Ess Victoria played an integral role in coordinating the surprise, but the toughest part may have been keeping it. “The plan was already nerve-wracking as it is, but the way it turned out was perfect,” Victoria stated. “Montclair was definitely a beneficial option for us considering it is close to home,” she explained.

The Povolo siblings are incredibly deserving of this special acknowledgement. They are not only great students academically, but integral members of the Passaic Valley community. 

The quintuplets are thrilled to have the option of attending MSU without too much financial burden. Each has a different career path in mind: Victoria wants to be a forensic pathologist, Ashley would like to go into education, Masha desires to be an accountant, Marcus hopes to become a lawyer, and Michael strives to be a dietitian. Passaic Valley wishes the Povolo quintuplets the best of luck with their future endeavors and hope they have an unforgettable college experience.