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Passaic Valley's CTE Broadcasting Program Produces Pieces for Women's History Month

Valley Echo banner Valley Echo Staff
7 April 2020

March was Women's History Month. To celebrate, students enrolled in Passaic Valley's CTE Broadcasting Program, taught by Mrs. Stephanie Roberts, produced short videos detailing famous and influential female figures in New Jersey history. The entire playlist from Visual Communications, TV Production and Advanced TV Production classes can be viewed here. Each video is also embedded in the article below:

Alice Paul:

Pablo Arias '20 produced a short clip detailing the life of Alice Paul, a suffragist and women's rights activist whose activism spanned seven decades.

Laurie Hernandez:

Jenny Both '21 produced a video on Laurie Hernandez, an Old Bridge native, who won a gold and silver medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics Games as a member of the US Women's Gymnastics Team.

Judy Blume:

Dvija Thaker '20 highlighted children's author Judy Bloom who has inspired readers around the world, particularly young girls, throughout her career.

Kirsten Dunst:

Gina Manzi '20 created the following video detailing the career of Kirsten Dunst, an actress originally from Point Pleasant who starred in films like Bring it On, Interview With a Vampire, and Spider Man.

Carli Lloyd:

Juliana Turdo '20 produced a short film covering soccer star Carli Lloyd, who won two Olympic gold medals and two FIFA World Cup Championships as a member of the US National Team.