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Future Educators of America and Interact Club Partner with Woodland Park Library for Tutoring

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Devyn DiPasquale'21
18 May 2020

On Tuesday May 19th, Future Educators of America and Interact Club students began their Virtual Homework Helpers program to tutor younger students who sign up through the Alfred H. Baumann Public Library in Woodland Park. PV tutors are partnered with middle schoolers to offer them homework help during remote learning as a way to help both the students and their families.

While the program may be new, tutors are already receiving fulfillment from their efforts. “I really enjoyed tutoring. When we still were able to be in school, I went to the writing lab nearly every day to help tutor,” Kendra Smith '20 said. “I love to help other students be successful in their classes.”Homework Helpers; Property of Woodland Park Library

PV students in the Future Educators of America Club and the Interact Club will offer one-on-one tutoring for four weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays in various subjects for students in younger grades. The timeslots for tutoring are thirty minutes long via Zoom and homework help is available to any student who wishes to sign up. Any students interested in receiving their help can contact the Alfred H. Baumann Free Public Library in Woodland Park or sign up on the library website’s Event Page.

The tutors sign up either through Future Educators of America or the Interact Club and specify what subjects they feel most comfortable tutoring. The tutors are there to help the students in any way they need whether it is working through math homework with them or reading over an essay.

The Future Educators of America and the Interact Club usually take part in various charitable activities during this time of the year. However, due to health-related school closures, they were unable to do so. In response, the clubs created a way for members to participate in a worthwhile activity during online learning, while simultaneously assisting students and parents who may be struggling during this time.

Since I have been in touch with many parents who are struggling to do their own jobs at home while assisting their children with their class assignments, I recognized that there might be a bigger need for tutoring,” explained Future Educators of America Club Advisor, Dr. Susanne Iobst. “Our goal is to try to bridge the gap between what parents can help with at home and having an older student who can serve as a mentor. It's a way to bring us together and give tutors a way to use their energy for something constructive. As a benefit, doing something positive helps students to get their minds off of current events and gives them something to feel good about.”

This partnership between PV and the Woodland Park Library brings the community together. “Our volunteers are looking to give back to the community, even from home, which I think is a wonderful thing to do,” said Alfred H. Baumann Library Associate Ms. Caitlin Cromley-Linn. “I am so lucky to be partnered with such thoughtful volunteers, and I was so surprised by the amount of students who wanted to help us.”Homework Helpers; Property of Devyn DiPasquale

While the main goal is to help the younger students and their families, the tutors can also benefit from this partnership. “The tutors will be able to spend their free time in quarantine productively to help students with their schoolwork via Zoom,” said tutor and Interact Club member Teresa Payne ’21. “Offering tutoring is a great idea that can really help younger students who are struggling during this time while allowing high school students to give back to their community.” 

Overall, the Homework Helpers program will be a great way for students at Passaic Valley to connect with younger students and help families in our community during this tough time.