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Literary Club and Yearbook Class Present "Images" in Digital Format for First Time

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Arcangelo Iurato '21

12 June 2020

Images is an annual literary and art magazine compiled by the Literary Club and designed by the Yearbook Class. For the very first time, the magazine is posted online, rather than in print form. You can download Images by clicking on this link.

Artwork by Hailey Ocasio Though published in June, planning Images starts in March when the Literary Club begins accepting submissions for the annual Poetry Contest. This year, Literary Club Advisors Mrs. Megan Miele and Dr. Mary Garofalo fielded 50 total submissions.The advisors then determined which poems would be published in Images.

Submissions which make it into the magazine are also entered into the Poetry Contest. The first round of judging to determine a winner is done by Mrs. Miele and Dr. Garofalo. "We choose the top 20-25 poems," said Dr. Garofalo. These poems are then given to another panel of judges to determine the winners of the contest. "Five other English teachers score the poems and judge each on a set of criteria."

The winners were announced Friday, June 12th, at the Literary Club Kick Off Party. Literary Club Advisors, members, Poetry Contest judges, and special guests were invited to a live Zoom call where this year's winners were announced and volunteers read their poems to the audience.Artwork by Russell Domicoll

This year's Poetry Contest winners are as follows:

1st Place:  Victoria Pizzi "I am not the Virus"

2nd Place:  Melissa Gaita "Living Freely"

3rd Place:  Michael Cline "Untitled"

4th Place (tie):  Joseph Janssen "Two Haikus Untitled" & Amanda Gil "I Miss You"

5th Place (tie):  Victoria Povolo "Asphyxia" & Christopher Manzi "The Night Shift"

Once Mrs. Miele and Dr. Garofalo compile the poems fit to print for Images, they are sent to the Yearkbook Class, who combines the poems with student art to produce the magazine.

Artwork by Claudia Ugliarolo This year, Yearbook and Literary Club divided the poems into distinct themes. These themes, which reflect current events and their impact on students, make up sections in the magazine.

"This year the poems were written about Animals & Nature, Pain & Loss, Sports, Quarantine and COVID-19, The American Dream, and Existentialism." said Alexandra Ward '20, Co-Editor of the Yearbook and Images along with Gabriella Cordova '20.

It goes without saying that the process could be long and difficult considering how important it is to monitor everything that goes into publishing the poems, but it is met with determination by students and staff.