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Music Celebration Included in This Year's Virtual Art Show

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Brianna Rodriguez '20

10 June 2020

This year's Art Show was held virtually and broken into two parts: Visual Art and the Music Celebration. The Music Celebration half of Art Show premiered on June 11th at 6:00pm on YouTube and Vimeo.

PVHS Music Celebration

The Music Department usually closes out the school year with a Pops Concert, which includes performances of popular music from Band, Choir and the Hornet Harmonics. However, the traditional show was cancelled due to health-related school closures. In response, Director of Bands Mr. Michael DeLuccia and Director of Choir and the Hornet Harmonics Ms. Pia Vanderstreet developed a virtual showcase for the Music Department to premiere alongside the Virtual Art Show.

The plan has been to focus predominantly on seniors but to get the underclassmen involved as well,” Mr. DeLuccia, explained.  “Ms. Vanderstreet and I asked our seniors to submit videos of them singing or playing something of their choosing. I gave my seniors arrangements of music and some of them even did duets with themselves and edited the videos.”

To get the underclassmen involved, both Mr. DeLuccia and Ms. Vanderstreet had their students choose a piece they previously learned to be included in the virtual concert. Ms. Vanderstreet combined her video submissions into a virtual choir and Mr. DeLuccia turned his into a virtual band. 

For the band performance, Mr. DeLuccia let the seniors make this experience one of their own choosing. “I had the seniors pick a piece of music to do from books that I had or even ordered if they knew what they wanted to do. Some of them did duets and played both parts and then recorded them in a program called Acappella or edited on the computer,” Mr. DeLuccia said.  

For the full band, Mr. DeLuccia had students record music they were going to be working on and send a recording for editing. “I made them a click track with the full music and a video of me conducting so they had something to follow. Ms. Vanderstreet did something very similar.” Mr. Deluccia noted.