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The Good Morning Hornet Staff Begins Producing Daily Announcements From Home

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Carissa Canzona '21
20 October 2020 

PVTV has been hard at work delivering the morning announcements to the Passaic Valley community while staying safe. Teacher Ms. Stephanie Roberts and her students have been uploading Good Morning Hornet to the school's YouTube and Vimeo channels while filming and editing segments at home.

GMH 11/20/2020 from Passaic Valley High School on Vimeo

The transition to producing Good Morning Hornet remotely has been one of trial and error. Ms. Roberts admits that working virtually has proved to be a challenge. “We Google Meet each day and the students assigned to graphics create the Day in History, National Day, Birthday and Weather graphics," Ms. Roberts said. "They also have to add it to the day's script.” Ms. Roberts then takes all the footage, edits it, and uploads it to both Youtube and Vimeo so it is accessible to everyone.

Good Morning Hornet title graphic The Good Morning Hornet staff for 2020-21 includes Alex Paese '21, Angelo Fuentes '22, Nicho Swetlinschnjy '21, AT Bargiel '21, Jennifer Both '21, Thomas Pascucci '23, Sydney Cummings '21, Aubrey Santos '23, Zander Timothy '21, and Jenna Anevski '22. Videos this year have been filmed and edited similarly to how network morning and late night talkshows were filmed throughout the year, with anchors delivering the news from their homes.

Anchors Jenny Both and Alexandra Paese acknowledged that this year has been a tough adjustment. “It has definitely been a lot more challenging this year compared to previous ones, but everyday becomes easier as we adjust to the change," said Paese, who is one of two returning crewmembers. "I love how we are all still able to keep positive energy, collaborate on ideas, and connect with each other through a computer screen.”

Both adds that while it has been difficult to keep up with deadlines and continue to collaborate with her classmates, the Good Morning Hornet Staff has been quick to face their challenges and persevere. 

Ms. Roberts misses "the magic" that comes with filming together in the studio, but she is proud of her students for continuing to put on a good show for their peers.