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Yearbook Staff Works to Overcome Challenges to Create 2021 Valley Green


Chelsea Nakhleh' 21
22 October 2020

Advised by Ms. Darcy Hall and Ms. Cheryl Joseph, the Yearbook Staff has begun preparations for this year's Valley Green. However, due to social distancing policies and safety precautions, this year's Valley Green will look differently than years past. The Yearbook Staff has had to change the way they operate, challenging them to be more creative. Mrs. Hall (left) and Mrs. Joseph (right), the advisors of the Yearbook; photo credit: Chelsea Nakleh

Normally, the Yearbook Staff would schedule photoshoots to include in the yearbook, such as the “Siblings”, the “Then and Now” pages, along with a myriad other features. However, that is simply not possible this year. More than ever, the Yearbook Staff has had to depend on the Class of 2021 to provide their own pictures. As the Yearbook Staff has been utilizing Google Classroom and Instagram to alert the class of needed pictures and announcements, they have had to adjust to changes in the way they operate. “There have been and will continue to be challenges,” said Ms. Joseph. “[However], I really feel comfortable and confident that we are really communicating with the senior class.”

Another problem the Yearbook Staff faces is the cancelation of many beloved events due to safety measures for the students and staff. Sports seasons have been cut short and the Fall Play has had to reinvent the way they perform. Both activities have been mainstays of the Valley Green. The Yearbook Staff has been challenged to showcase these events this year. 

The content in the yearbook is not the only problem to have arisen. The way the yearbook is made has changed drastically. In the design stage of the yearbook, there has been less room for student partnership due to virtual learning. “We have to be much more structured and direct,’’ Ms. Hall explained. “There isn’t room for the spontaneous collaboration that there used to be.” 

This year's senior editors, Rebecca Kaspar, Gianna Avagnano, and Chelsea Nakhleh, have worked in collaboration with the Yearbook Staff and the advisors in hopes to deliver, although a different yearbook, one just as special as the ones in the past. Though it may look different, they all strongly believe that the Class of 2021 will have a brilliant yearbook. “We want to convey how strong our class is for dealing with and getting through these difficult times,” Kaspar stated. “Even though we’ve all had different experiences, we are all still working together.”

The Yearbook Staff has always been responsible for delivering a book that not only reflects the four years seniors have spent as Hornets, but commemorates their time and accomplishments. However, challenges aside, everyone remains confident this yearbook will do the same.