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PV Education Association and Teen Center Create Snowflake Storytime Program


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Devyn DiPasquale'21
11 January 2021

The Passaic Valley Education Association and the Teen Center have teamed up to run the Snowflake Storytime Program from January 4th to February 12th. Each day, a member of either the Interact Club or National Honor Society reads to 10 pre-K to 2nd grade students from the three sending districts via Zoom.Snowflake Storytime organizers and readers; photo credit: Mrs. Leidig

The Zoom storytimes take place 6:30 to 7:00 each night and each week features a new winter-themed story such as “How to Catch a Snowman”, “Little Bear’s Special Friend”, “The Sneezy Snowman”, “A Loud Winter’s Nap”, “Bad Kitty, Does Not Like Snow”, and “There was a Cold Lady who Swallowed Some Snow”. In addition to the storytime, each child receives a snowflake goodie bag with the book of the week, hot chocolate, cookies, a mug and more. 

Parents of children pre-K to 2nd grade in the sending districts are able to sign up via Sign Up Genius on the Passaic Valley homepage or any of the three town's public libraries websites.

The Interact Club and members of the National Honor Society look to give back to their communities each year and Snowflake Storytime is a great way to do so while following Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions. “I think this program provides the children and volunteers with an opportunity to engage with various members of the community through alternative ways, despite the difficult times we’re in,” said Teen Center Mental Health Clinician Ms. Giselle Javier.

Snowflake Storytime is specifically designed to give all participants an outlet to feel interactive in their communities. “Children today have it the hardest. They can't go to school or see their friends how they normally do,” said Interact Club Advisor Ms. Daria Leidig. “Hopefully, this program gives them a little break from reality. We purposely planned it a little later in the eventing as we want it totally separate from school.”

The first week of Snowflake Storytime was a success as many students signed up to attend. “We received a lot of positive responses from parents via email,” said Ms. Javier. “Volunteer readers were enthusiastic, kids were seen in their PJs having a snack, or following along with their books.”

The Passaic Valley Education Association and the Teen Center are looking forward to a good turnout in the coming weeks as many students are excited to participate and Interact Club and National Honor Society members are eager to get involved. “I am excited to be a reader for Snowflake Storytime, because, during these times, it is important to show the younger students that we are there for them and try to put a smile on their faces,” said Interact Club Vice President Brianna DeLuccia ’21. “Snowflake Storytime allows us highschoolers to get more involved with our community and future PV students.”