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Passaic Valley Writing Lab Opens for 2020-21 School Year

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Carissa Canzona'21

27 February 2021 

 Writing Lab Commercial produced by PVTV

The Passaic Valley Writing Lab is open for tutoring and accessible to all students virtually. Students can use the Writing Lab as a resource for planning, writing, and editing essays and research papers. Students can access the Writing Lab Tutor Request Form using the link below or on the PV website under Announcements on the homepage.

Writing Lab Tutor Request Form:

This year, there is a team of 25 tutors and four supervisors available to help students with the writing process. Writing Lab Director Ms. Jamie Picarelli is confident in the team’s ability. “Our tutors are the best of the best! They're all strong writers who have been trained to help other students with their writing,” said Ms. Picarelli. “Writing can be a very isolating experience, so it is always a great idea to get another set of eyes on the paper to provide insight and suggestions about the piece that writers may not see on their own!” Senior Writing Lab tutor, Teresa Payne (left), helping freshman Mona Arnous;photo credit: Ms. Picarelli

After completing the Google Form above, students can upload their essays directly and provide tutors with important information about the assignment and what type of feedback they want to receive from the tutor. Students have the option to receive feedback on their essay directly through Google Docs or request to meet with a tutor via Google Meet.

Although the transition to a fully virtual Writing Lab has been a major change for both the tutors and students, second year tutor Jenny Both ‘21 acknowledges that the new format is often more convenient. “Because we are unable to meet in person, it is extra important that we as tutors take time to truly articulate which areas the student needs assistance in. Although it is less personal to tutor virtually, I feel that the students are still reacting positively and improving in their writing!”

Ms. Picarelli adds that tutors have heard positive feedback from the students who have received help and “all of the requests we've received have had a one to two day turnaround time for our tutors to provide feedback and meet via Google Meet!” The Writing Lab is a great opportunity for students to improve their writing skills with help from their peers, especially when time for hands-on assistance is limited. 


Writing Lab Supervisors:

Ms. Jamie Picarelli (Director)

Mr. Timothy Donnelly

Ms. Ashley Francis

Mr. Cornelius Van Ess

Writing Lab Tutors:

Sara Rabboh

Crystal Sandoval

Montaha Moraktan 

Michael Preziosi 

Melissa Polio 

Amber Dominguez 

Kristen Schubert 

Alexandra Dimitrakiou

Alexa Vasquez

Chyna Sinclair 

Thomas Gaita 

Jennifer Both

Leila Matari

Teresa Payne

Lia Trewhella 

Raima Islam 

Isabella Brunetti 

Rebecca Brunetti 

Emma Seber 

Betul Koc

Lily Zamora 

Fiona Cathcart

Zahra Kiyam 

Nicole LaRiccia 

Isabella Stile