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Alumnus Dr. Anthony Longo Reflects on His Time as a Hornet

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2 March 2021

Anthony Longo M. D. graduated from Passaic Valley in 2009. He went to college at Cornell University, then finished his education at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, where he earned his M. D. He graduated from Rutgers in May 2017, then went on to work at Internal Medicine of Morristown. With all his accomplishments, Dr. Longo still finds ways to give back to Passaic Valley and its student body. Dr. Anthony Longo; property of Dr. Longo

In addition to working at Internal Medicine of Morristown, he is also the Co-Founder/Vice President of Real World Academy, a social enterprise and nonprofit educational consulting organization. They help high school juniors and seniors navigate the college application process by providing in-person and/or online consulting to help them stay organized and meet all their deadlines.

Dr. Longo knew he wanted to be a doctor from a very young age, he was inspired by his aunt and uncle, who are both physicians. This dream was further fostered during his academic career. “This interest was fostered in PV, where I had science teachers who encouraged me to take chances, dream big, and compete at high academic levels,” said Dr. Longo.

Passaic Valley helped him achieve his goals and instill new passions. “What I didn't know is that I also wanted to be an author and a professor some day. The roots of these interests were at PV,” said Dr. Longo. “I remember when my physics teacher gave me the chance to direct our class's documentary, when my biology teacher let me lead our competitive team, when my band instructor let me be the Drumline captain.” Dr. Longo became an author when he wrote The S.O.A.P Notes, a three-volume medical text, and was one of four editors on the book COVID-19 by Cases: A Pandemic Review.

As a freshman at PV, Dr. Longo was intrigued at the possibility of new experiences, “I remember when I became a freshman at PV, and I was suddenly not only in a large school but also at a school with three full towns worth of students,” said Dr. Longo. “This is an important moment that made me realize that there is an entire other world out there with bright, talented students to befriend, challenge, and learn from.” He was delighted to find that he made a bunch of new friends he wouldn't have known without attending PV.

Back in January, Dr. Longo spoke to Ms. Menake’s Contemporary Issues Through Videoconferencing Class (CITVC). "He stressed the importance of hard work and commitment in your education and the desire to achieve as part of a student's overall success" said Ms. Menake. “He was very happy to impart to Passaic Valley students the message that his education at PV prepared him for college courses, that his experience and his determination led him to be involved in community outreach programs to assist students as they pursue their career goals.” As a former student of Ms. Menake's, Dr. Longo was delighted to talk to her class and inspire them as he was inspired as a student. 

To Dr. Longo, being a Passaic Valley alumnus means everything, “I believe that PV is a very unique school. I do believe that the PV experience is something unlike other high schools.”